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Top 10 DIY Decorating Ideas for Kids Room

Decorating your kid’s room can be very fun! You need to have an idea of how to decorate it, and if you’re low on ideas, you’re in the right place. Here you can find different wonderful ideas to make something as a decoration for your kid’s bedroom, and you can be sure that they will love anything you’ll do. With some easy steps and little time, you can bring smiles to the faces of your little ones.

You can also get an idea for storing all those toys your kids play with, and that’s pretty awesome. Indeed, you don’t want to tidy up your kid’s room every day for a long time, so try to do something where you can store the toys in less than 5 minutes.

So, we advise you to look at this post and choose any of these awesome projects to decorate your kid’s room. They are really, really great, and your kids will love them!

DIY Wooden Bed Frame



This is an interesting, easy project which you can do very quickly. Your kids will be satisfied with their new bed frame for sure. You can draw something cool on it or paint it in different colors to be even cooler. Simple and nice!

Honeycomb Shelves



Every kid should have some shelves in their room, and this project is a really good idea to store some books, toys, etc. Their unique form looks very fun and is a nice decoration and a storage place. Pretty awesome!

Easy DIY Wall Art



Very cute and interesting idea to decorate your kid’s bedroom. It’s easy to do, and your kids will love it. You’ll save money and time, and you’ll have lots of fun doing this project. You should try this amazing project as a wall art decoration in your kid’s room. Cool!

DIY Floor Pillows



Your kids will love these pillows! Their softness and colorful design will be perfect for children. Not only you’ll get a nice room decoration for kids, but your kids will enjoy sitting on these big floor pillows while reading their favorite book, playing a game, or just relaxing. Definitely a must-try project!

Hammock Chair



Another idea for a kid’s room decoration and a place to sit back and relax. This doesn’t have to be only for your kid’s room, but it will be ideal for any other room like the living room or restroom. Try to do this project and bring a smile to the faces of your little ones!

Hanging Toy Storage



Say goodbye to the mess! This is an incredibly practical and cool project for your kid’s bedroom. Not only for decorating, but this project is also good for storing your kid’s toys. They won’t have to clean up their room every day; they’ll just put the toys in the hanging toy storage, and there you go. Simple and really cool!

Tree Hanger for Kids



Really creative way to put away all the clothes. Sometimes, it’s good for hanging toys or something. This makes a wonderful decoration for your kid’s bedroom, and they will love it for sure. So, you should try this amazing project, no regrets!

DIY Dollhouse Bookshelf



If you want something different and amazing to put as a room decoration for your kids, this is the project you should try. This cool bookshelf, which looks like a dollhouse, will be perfect for decoration and a storage place, especially if you have a girl(s). Try it and make your kids glad they have a parent like you!

Hanging Triangle Garland



This is a lovely room decoration. Your kids will absolutely love it! With its colorfulness and cuteness, it will brighten up your kid’s room, make it more lively. You can put this on a doorway, too (in your kid’s bedroom). Wonderful!

Cute DIY Rag Rug



A really artful and super cute idea for decorating your kid’s room. Doing this is pretty much just having fun and putting some material pieces together. It’s really easy, and we bet your kids will like it very, very much!

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