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Apple Juice: An Underrated Secret Potion for Managing Your Cholesterol Levels


Healthy foods come in many shapes and sizes. Apples are one of the best in the bunch, and juicing them will maximize the hydration quality. Lowering cholesterol is only one of its benefits, so prepare for a healthy journey into fruit knowledge.

Lower Cholesterol

Lowering your cholesterol is life changing, and of course life prolonging. Apple juice protects against bad cholesterols with its healthy vitamins and minerals. The combination of polyphenols and fiber is a powerful combination that balances out cholesterol levels. This all rolls into the heart health branding that you’ll often see on apple juice labels. It takes less than 2 cups of apple juice a day to make a difference, so its potency is completely up to your lifestyle.

Cancer Prevention

Apple juice can play an important part in cancer prevention. Vitamin C is abundant in apple juice and considered one of the most important daily vitamins. Supplements do the job, but naturally occurring sources of vitamin C will always be the better choice. This is where apple juice comes in, and it is also where you will find the best tasting alternative. There is even an argument to be made for its effectiveness during chemotherapy treatments.


Constipation is a condition that no one wants to deal with. It also has the chance to be something much more severe. If you’re feeling backed up, the fructose and fibers in apple juice can offer relief. The digestive health benefits of apple juice are often overlooked. But the BRAT diet list apple juice as one of the many acceptable liquids to consume during a bout with diarrhea.

Heart Healthy

Clogged arteries are associated with high blood pressure and cholesterol. All of these things equal a massive heart attack at an unexpected date. Keeping veins clean and clear is exactly what the body needs to be heart healthy. A good start is with the daily consumption of apple juice paired with a healthy lifestyle. The risk of cardiovascular disease lessons, and you get a possible new lease on life. The results are promising, and you have nothing to lose by trying.

Weight Loss

Apple juice can be a great and tasty way to aid weight loss. One of the many things you have to cut out in a diet is sugary drinks. Apple juice has natural sugars so doesn’t fall within the ultra-restrictions of a diet. You get the flavor of a great drink while getting the fiber necessary to keep you full and regular. It is a winning scenario where you can reduce snacking during the crucial points in dieting.


Seasonal asthma is hard to fight without antibiotics and antioxidants. Apple juice has antioxidants that strengthen the lungs against asthma attacks. In this case, try to look for apple juice brands with low sugar content. It is a balancing act, and high amounts of sugar can actually make asthma worse. Going for reduced sugar apple juice gets you all of the antioxidant benefits for asthma without any of the downfalls of high sugar.


A lot of healthy things sacrifice flavor in order to bring you the maximum amount of health benefits. Apple juice is one of the few items that take something already healthy to turn it into a healthier item. There are plenty of people that go an entire week without fulfilling their daily need for vegetables or fruit. With apple juice, you don’t have to train your tastebuds to be healthy. This means you are more likely to consume it like you would any other food or drink in your normal lifestyle.


Liver health includes the many workings of the digestive system. The way apple juice helps with constipation and diarrhea have already been noted. But how does it help the liver? Malic acid comes from many sources, with one of them being apple juice. This acid helps out the liver when it goes through the process of cleaning out toxins.

Memory Care

Quercetin is a word that you will hear a lot when discussing brain cell damage and decay. As you age, there are things you can do to protect your mind. Sleep is at the top of the list, and is something that has no alternative as a replacement. Quercetin is next, and can help keep your mind sharp as you age. Anyone that has suffered from COVID should already be familiar with brain fog. Imagine having this everyday to the point that your daily commute to work seems like a daydream. Keep your brain healthy with sleep and apple juice to prevent the worst effects of memory loss from taking over.

UTI Prevention

Frequent UTI’s can point to a more severe health condition. But if you have random UTI’s, it becomes more of a frustration than a medical issue. Prevention is the best way to deal with this condition, and an unlikely hero in this regard would be apple juice. As a defense, apple juice provides the nutrients the body needs to fight against UTI’s. The key here is prevention, as it is advised to completely avoid apple juice if you are suffering from UTI symptoms.

How Does It All Tie into Cholesterol?

High cholesterol is a complicated medical condition that comes from many choices you make in life. The easy way to look at cholesterol is a waxy substance that restrict blood flow through your arteries. This creates a domino effect which goes to your heart and creates a life-threatening medical condition.

The advanced way to look at cholesterol is from the lifestyle angle. Everything you do has the potential to lead to bad cholesterol, or has a chance to exacerbate its symptoms. You can be functional with high cholesterol for years, but it is that one week full of stress that leads to a heart attack. Use apple juice as a starting point to control all of things that lead to high cholesterol, and it will fall within a manageable range before it is too late. 

Reward Your Body

When cholesterol levels are high, apple juice is one of the many great tasting ways to get it back on track. Pairing it with a healthy diet will yield greater returns than you ever expected. Reward your body with apple juice, and you’ll notice the benefits immediately.

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