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Top 10 Cute Photos of Baby Animals That Will Melt Your Heart

We all know how babies are so cute that every time we see a photo, our reaction gets “awww.” The same goes for baby animals. These small, cute animals remind us that the whole planet is full of adorable things, and there is nothing cuter than a newborn making its first baby steps in this world.

There are so many animals that need to be shown here, but we only picked our ten favorite photos. You can also read more information about these ten animals. We hope you are going to like them as much as we did and don’t forget to tell us your favorite!

1. Baby Deer



There’s no way to see cute little deer and not think of Bambi. At least we did! However, these wonderful animals are usually called “fawns” in the first year of their life. They have white dots all over their bodies, which help them manipulate predators, but as they grow, these dots are fading. Deer have long legs that help them to jump high and swim well. They can be found all around the world, except in Australia and Antarctica. Deer walk together in groups and are called herds. They are very social and active throughout the whole day.

2. Baby Giraffe



Giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world. Even the baby giraffes are taller than most people! The babies can run together with their family just 10 hours after their birth. What’s typical about the giraffes is that the young hang out together in nursery groups until they are five months old. Giraffes are very sociable animals, and they rarely fight. They also have really long tongues that help them to pull the leaves from the trees. Giraffes live in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. They only sleep for less than two hours a day!

3. Baby Red Panda



Red pandas grow to the size of a home cat, sometimes something more than that. They have big tails that use them to wrap themselves and keep them warm. Red pandas aren’t very social; in fact, they live solitary lives in high-altitude forests, and they’re mostly found in the mountains of Nepal, northern Myanmar (Burma), and central China. Unfortunately, these cute, small pandas are victims of deforestation. They spend their whole life on trees, and now they’re having a problem with that because people are cutting these trees for agriculture and logging.

4. Baby Squirrel



Squirrels are very intelligent, and that helps them to take care of their food. Squirrels have problems with food thieves, so it’s quite common for them to hide or bury their food. They can even find something to eat, even if it’s buried a foot under the snow! Squirrels are very trusting animals – they are among the few wild animal species that can eat out from human hands. They’re very acrobatic creatures and run in their own zigzag pattern whenever they feel threatened by predators. Squirrels even have their own day. It’s on the 21st of January, and it’s known as National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

5. Baby Dolphin



Dolphins live a very social life – they tend to live in groups starting from five up until hundreds of dolphins together. They are famous for the sociable personality that makes them entertaining to the public eye. They’re very playful even between themselves! Dolphins like playing with other animals, especially dogs. What makes them even more lovable is the fact that the dolphins are very altruistic. They can help an injured person and help them to get to the surface for air.

6. Bunny



If this photo doesn’t make you go all “aww,” then we don’t know what else will! Rabbits are increasingly kept as pets in the past few decades, being the third most popular furry pet in the UK. Rabbits should be kept in pairs because that’s very important to their welfare. Exposing them to new signs and creatures little by little will make them confident rabbits. They also need a place to hide because being exposed to open all the time makes them feel threatened. Rabbits need to be physically and mentally active, so for that purpose, their environment should be challenging enough for them

7. Baby Panda



The pandas are one of the world’s rarest animals, being present only in few parts of China. There are approximately around 1.000 pandas in the world, which makes them an endangered species. At first, they may appear to you similar to a bear, but in fact, the panda has more similarities to the raccoon. They’re born white and develop their coloring later in life.  Pandas are good at tree climbing and swimming. Just like the red panda, the colored panda is also a solitary animal. They love eating bamboo trees, sugar cane, and rice gruel.

8. Baby Penguin



Unlike almost every other bird, the penguins don’t have wings, and they cannot fly. They have flippers that help them swim. There are 17 species of penguins, and they all live in the southern hemisphere, but not a penguin living on the North Pole. The penguin’s black and white “tuxedo” is great for camouflage while hunting their fish or other sea life they eat for food. Penguins are very loyal birds – they tend to go back to the same rookery where they’ve been born. They have no land predators, and because of that, they’re not afraid of human tourists around them.

9. Baby Koala



Unlike popular belief, koalas are not bears. Most of the koalas are nocturnal, which means that they mostly sleep during the day and stay awake at night. However, considering that they are very sleepy animals, they can sleep for more than 18 hours. Baby koalas are known as Joeys. They stay with their mother for 1 to 3 years until she has another Joey. Their favorite food is the eucalyptus leaves, which are toxic for most mammals. Koalas can be found only in their native land – Australia.

10. Baby Tiger



Baby tigers are also known as cubs, and even though they’re born helpless, they mature very quickly. At just eight weeks old, the cubs are learning how to hunt together with their mom. Tigers are carnivores, meaning they only eat meat, and because of that, they are the enemy of many land animals! To be even more successful at being a predator, their fur is helping them in camouflage. Unfortunately, these beautiful animals are considered an endangered species because there are about 3,200 tigers left! Tigers live in Asian forests, where they live their solitary lives.

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