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Top 10 Best Lamb Ribs Recipes

Everyone loves to have a real tasty launch or dinner and that will come true only when our main dish includes meat. We all have different kinds of tastes for food, so, someone likes pork more than beef, others like lamb more than pork and because of that, we have millions of various recipes around the world to satisfy every taste, every desire.

Today, we have made a really interesting and super-delicious list of the top 10 best lamb ribs specialties, especially for lamb meat lovers. We have to mention that ribs are the best part of the lamb, the most beloved one of all, so, try and make some of these incredible recipes on your own, they are easy to make and they are full of tastiness too. Enjoy!

Slow-Cooked Lamb Ribs


We are starting with a classic slow cooker recipe for lamb ribs. First, they have to be marinated and then slow-cooked for nearly three hours, so, they will be amazing for sure. Read the full recipe in the link below.

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Glazed Lamb Ribs with Corn Salad


Glazed lamb ribs with corn salad, sounds really delicious, doesn’t it? Come on, start cooking right away and please everyone at your home with a really full dinner table and enjoy!

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Grilled Lamb Chops and Vegetable Kebabs


Martha Stewart is on our list again, because she’s one of the best, we all know that. We also know that she prefer to cook something healthy when she has the chance, so the grilled lamb chops and vegetable kebabs is one of those recipes.

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 Roasted Lamb Ribs


A really simple roasted lamb ribs recipe, but also very interesting for many reasons. We suppose you wonder what’s in there that it’s so tempting. So, take a quick look at the recipe in the link below and you will find out in a minute!

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Sticky Asian Lamb Riblets


You have to try the lamb ribs that are cooked in a real Asian way. We think that by following the instructions step by step, everyone can make this amazing recipe, even the inexperienced ones!

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A true favorite for every real lover of great food. Perfect combination of spices and vegetables along with the mixed chicken and lamb ribs, sound very tempting for everyone doesn’t it? The full instructions are in the link below.

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Lamb Ribs with Jalapeno Mint Sauce


Here is one of the famous sauces that we all know very well, the jalapeno sauce. We are offering you an incredible recipe, lamb ribs with a perfectly made jalapeno mint sauce who will make you to crave for more every day.

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Roast Rack of Lamb


Every time when you make some meat with a dipping sauce, you know that everyone will be delighted for sure. Try and make the roast rack of lamb recipe from the magical cook book by Martha Stewart and have a nice dinner!

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Beer and Miso Lamb Ribs


An interesting combination of beer and lamb ribs. Every beer lover will be tempted by the beer and miso lamb ribs recipe, so, try and make something really unordinary and surprise everyone at your home.

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Easy Paleo BBQ Lamb Ribs


And we have to end with an easy, delicious, but healthy recipe from the famous paleo diet. Besides the fact that it’s healthy for your organism, this simple recipe it’s one of the tastiest on our wonderful list. Have a nice dinner you all and enjoy!

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