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Top 10 Best Tips to Apply Mascara Like A Pro

Mascara is the most powerful beauty tool for many years and there are really good reasons why every woman can’t live without it! First of all, as we’ve heard many times before our eyes are the mirror of our soul and that’s why we must make them look beautiful, so the mascara will completely help you to beautify them in a natural way.

Second, mascara is a key component to making your eyes stand out and it has the ability to not only make your lashes darker, but it also adds length and thickness too. So, that’s why it’s really important for you to know the correct way to apply mascara, and here’s a complete guide that will help you to improve your mascara skills.

Follow the tips below and bring depth to your eyes and open them up!

1. Brush Your Lashes Before Applying


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The first step is all about prepping your eyelashes. In order to cover every individual lash when you are applying mascara, make sure to brush them gently and vertically to achieve even application. This way you will not have smudges and you will make them look thicker. Some women also brush their eyelashes after applying the mascara. Both ways, make sure your brush is clean before starting with the application.

2. Curl Your Eyelashes


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Another step in the prepping process is curling your eyelashes. This step has a few benefits. It will open the eyes so you can see the eye shape better; will define your eyelashes, and it will give them more volume. Up to date, there is still a debate if you should curl the eyelashes before or after applying the mascara. If after, make sure your mascara is completely dry, so your eyelashes don’t glue on your curler.

3. Use Eyelash Primer


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Similar process as when you are applying primer on your lids or face. Mascara primer will help you enhance your eyelashes and will give an even base while applying. The primer will make your eyelashes boosing with volume and length, as well as give you a dramatic and complete look. Most of the mascara primers were white, however, now a days we can find transparent once with the same effects.

4. When Removing The Wand From The Bottle, Scrap Off Any Excess Mascara


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It is that simple; if you don’t scrape off the excess of the wand from the tube, chances are you will end up applying way too much from the product that might lead to smudges and clumping. Wiping the extra mascara will ensure you end up with long eyelashes and unwanted clumping. Choosing the correct mascara color is another important part. The best and most used is the black one of course.

5. Start From The Roots Towards The Tips


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Once you prep your lashes is time to apply the mascara. By focusing on the root first you will make sure that your eyelashes have enough support to curl upward, otherwise, if you apply on the tips first you will end up weighing them down. This process will make sure your lashes are strong and will hold the curl better, also will create an eyeliner effect on your eyelid.

6. Use The Zig-Zag Motion When Applying


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Zig-zagging will help you separate your eyelashes and it will evenly distribute the mascara. The proper way to use the zig-zag motion is to wiggle your mascara wand in an upwards direction, starting from the root towards your tips. Just make sure you don’t sweep in the process. Once you have enough support on the root, trying focusing the tips of your lashes in order to lengthen them.

7. Apply Mascara On The Lower Eyelashes


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We believe this step sound familiar to you. Applying mascara on the lower tiny eyelashes is a crucial step for your exclusive look! They are shorter than the upper lashes and need equal attention while applying mascara. Using a small wand is less likely to smear the mascara on your lash line or under your eyes. However, many women use the same mascara wand as for the upper lashes, just using the tip of the wand when applying.

8. Apply Another Coat


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Once you applied the first coat of mascara it is time for the second. Let the first coat dry before starting a new one! Otherwise, your mascara will split your lashes and you will end up having smudges all over. Depending on if you have shorter or longer eyelashes, in both ways we will recommend you applying a third coat for a more expressive and glamorous finish.

9. Let The Mascara On Your Eyelashes Dry


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Mascara should be the last step of your eye makeup. Same when you are gluing the false lashes. So prepping is done, eyeshadows done, and once you are happy with your lashes outcome do not forget to let your mascara dry! Although you got some on your eyelids and need to be cleaned, first let your mascara dry. As the mentioned same rule goes for applying another coat, as well as using a curler.

10. Clean Up Any Smudges


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Once you finished applying mascara it’s important to clean the smudges. Once you let it dry use a clean spoolie to remove the smudges. Use light movement while doing it, as you don’t want to scrub and ruin your mascara. The best is to clean with micellar water or face oil as it is perfect for removing makeup. Another way is to use a concealer brush dipped in micellar water so you don’t remove your eyeshadow makeup too.

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