10 Hot Female Celebrities Who Love Smoking Weed

the smoking weed and herbs.

Who are our 10 famous female smokers? What do AK autoflower have in common with famous female smokers? They’re both renowned in the 420 community, albeit for different reasons. You’d be surprised how many women in the spotlight use recreational and medicinal marijuana. Join us as we reveal our list of leading showbiz ladies who … Read more

Which Occasion Arrangements Are Most Popular Online?

A group of people celebrating.

Bouquet arrangements are all the rage these days. Thanks to online and social media, it’s easier than ever to find unique and interesting floral designs. Each with a diverse range of meanings, you can effortlessly find the perfect pick for every occasion. What’s more, many online florists offer same-day or next-day delivery, making it even … Read more

5 Saz Players That You’d be Sorry To Miss

Man playing a 7-string saz instrument

A 7-string, tear-drop-shaped instrument, the Saz is a common instrument in the middle east that has been around for ages. The Saz’s history goes back to the 4th century when it was a 3-string instrument used for religious ceremonies only. There are many masters of the instrument but the top ranked among them are: Neşet … Read more

Phone and TV Packages for a Small Family

Phone and TV Packages for a Small Family

Do you pay for TV and phone separately? Have you considered bundling two to three services? If yes, you are missing out on a lot.  Many providers today give the option of bundling phone, cable and internet. Some even offer discounts on bundling these services, especially with the rise in Coronavirus and everybody working from … Read more

Gravity Bongs: A Beginner’s Guide to Help You Find the Perfect One

Gravity Bongs

Gravity bongs (or ‘grav bongs’) are a popular choice for smoking cannabis. They are easy to use and can produce big hits. This guide will suit you if you are new to gravity bongs or just looking to buy your first one. Read ahead to learn the different types of ‘grav bong’ available and some … Read more