Top 10 Richest Senators in The US – How Did They Earn Their Money?

The government cites transparency and honesty. In the effort for transparency and to prevent the possibility of conflict of interest from occurring, the Ethics in Government Act requires elected officials to file a financial disclosure statement. This statement reveals various assets, investments, and business interests of elected officials. Senators must make this disclosure. That is … Read more

Top 10 Religious Figures And Their Impact On History

Political leaders come and go. Military leaders come and go. But religious figures and leaders endure the test of time. Millions of people still believe in people that appeared hundreds or thousands of years ago. Every religion nowadays has its “founder”, or a person they believe set the foundation. And the biggest religions provide the … Read more

Top 10 Famous Greek Statues You Need to Know About

We can divide ancient Greek civilization into four major parts. Those are Archaic period, Classical period, Golden Age of Athens, and last Classical Period. The Classical Period saw Greek sculpture and architecture at its height. This is the period we got most of these famous Greek statues. To this day, Greek statutes remain to remind … Read more

Top 10 Mythical Sea Creatures to Read About

Water covers more than 70% of the Earth’s surface. It is only logical that humans have tried to explore the ocean, sea, and water surface in general since ancient times. Storytellers through history talked about creatures living in the sea. Mythical sea monsters and sea creatures have populated waters since forever. These giant ocean monsters … Read more

Top 10 Famous Sculptures And Their Place In History

For hundreds and thousands of years, sculptures have played a fundamental part in history. Nowadays, they remain an important aspect of understanding ancient cultures. In ancient times, sculptors put a lot of skill into creating pieces of art and used them to showcase their skill. We cannot write about all the popular sculptures throughout history. … Read more

Top 10 Killer Couples With Twisted Minds

Some of these couples have killed for money. Others for twisted abuse. And then there are some psychopaths on the list. But each of these serial killer couples will surely make you sick to your stomach. Committing murder is illegal, morally repugnant, and risky. There is always the chance you will get caught. These couples … Read more