Top 10 Iconic Wedding Gowns Worn By Celebrities

Top 10 Iconic Wedding Gowns Worn By Celebrities | Top Inspired

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. Nowadays, wedding events are taking on a whole new level of significance in peoples’ lives. From luxurious royal ceremonies to conservative off-the-radar celebrations, there is little doubt that wedding fever takes over the world. When it comes to saying that eternal “I … Read more

Top 10 Male Celebrity Tattoos

Top 10 Male Celebrity Tattoos | Top Inspired

Tattoos have found their way to popular culture and are regarded rather mainstream these days, and are common to both men and women across age groups and backgrounds. To the wearer, tattoos have a personal, symbolic, aesthetic, ethnic, cultural, or even spiritual meaning. The tattoo is a statement of their individuality and personality. Every tattoo … Read more

Top 10 Female Celebrity Tattoos

Top 10 Female Celebrity Tattoos | Top Inspired

The art of the body – tattoo, has become so popular that almost everyone on the planet has at least one small tattoo, including some portrait, favorite quote, sign, name, numbers. We all get inspiration from our idols, favorite singers, actors/actress, writers, etc. These are the coolest female celebrity tattoos, from Angelina Jolie and Megan … Read more

Top 10 Celebrities With Superior Taste In Cooking

Top 10 Celebrities With Superior Taste In Cooking | Top Inspired

Cooking – for someone just a hobby, while for others, a lifestyle! The pleasure of cooking has become a worldwide obsession for many people worldwide, but not just for normal” people, but for many Hollywood celebrities too! It’s a fast-growing trend that anyone should try. When celebs can cook for themselves, you can do the … Read more

Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hottest Ex-Girlfriends

Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio's Hottest Ex-Girlfriends | Top Inspired

Leonardo DiCaprio’s love life is interesting for everyone because he’s always dating some naturally beautiful supermodel. He can get almost any woman on the planet he wants thanks to his handsomeness, A-lister status, and his success, but somehow he always ends up with some hot long-leg blond. His love history was part of yesterday’s Golden … Read more

Top 10 Healthy Dips For Your Super Bowl Chips

You’re watching a football game and your favorite team scores. You want to scream and cheer, but that is hard with a mouth full of dry snacks. Instead of wasting time gulping down your drink, you need to avoid the dry snack problem altogether by eating your snacks with a creamy and tasty dip. There … Read more

Top 10 Best Oscar Dresses of All Time

Top 10 Best Oscar Dresses of All Time | Top Inspired

The Academy Awards are one of the most-watched red carpet events in the world. Let’s face it, when it comes to the Oscars, sometimes the dresses are the most interesting part of the night. Hollywood’s brightest stars are expected to hit the red carpet in their most dramatic looks since stylists often keep their best … Read more

Top 25 Best Celebrity Bikini Bodies

Hollywood has a lot of sexy and ultra-hot ladies, thus it is very hard to find stars with bad bodies who frequent beaches. There are singers, reality stars, and those celebrities who make a living from being in their bikini. All of them are stripping down to show off their hard-earned bikini bodies. Because the … Read more

Top 10 Best Kim Kardashian’s Outfits

Top 10 Best Kim Kardashian's Outfits | Top Inspired

When we say Kim Kardashian, the first thing you think of is a fashionable and sexy style. Also, she is well known for her sex tape scandal, reality star performance, a quick marriage, and today she is known as Kanye West’s better half. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kim is a … Read more

Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrities

Hollywood is full of so many gorgeous, successful, charismatic, and most of all – sexy people. This is a place where beauty and talent mix. But to be honest, every girl is mostly interested in famous male actors, singers, and sports players. Seriously, what would we do without these sexy celebrity men who are as … Read more