Top 10 Celebrities With Droopy Eyelid 

Celebrities With Droopy Eyelid

Celebrities are constantly scrutinized for their looks and are always expected to look their best! And having droopy eyes isn’t an excellent way to become beautiful.  While most of the population suffers from heavy, droopy eyelids due to heredity or collagen loss as the body ages, select celebrities with hooded eyes are known to have … Read more

15 Celebrities Who Have Veneers

cristino Ronaldo With and without veeners

We are pretty aware of the lengths celebrities go to uphold their appearance and status in this cutthroat industry. Besides makeup and cosmetic surgeries, dental care plays a crucial role in how our favorite celebrities look. Besides standard dental procedures, there are leading celebrities across the globe who have had dental veneers. For those who … Read more

15 Famous Celebrities with Lipedema

Pictures of famous people with lipedema occasionally appear online, and remarks about their out-of-balance bodies have been made endlessly about them. The actual cause of the fat deposition in the thighs and arms is a tissue condition called lipedema. Sadly, celebrities frequently wait until they have persistent symptoms like discomfort before receiving a lipedema diagnosis.  … Read more

Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Diet Plans

Celebrities are just like us, trying out all kinds of diets to slim down. Their diets vary from bizarre to extremely healthy. They often hire nutritionists to help them get the perfect body and look fabulous on the red carpet. There are many celebrity diets worth trying. Combined with a good workout plan, these diets … Read more

Top 10 Best Celebrity Outfits at The NBA Games

We would say the most famous basketball events ever in the world are the NBA league games, but the most famous one is for sure the All Star game. The world wide knows event every year leaves many people outside the states out of sleep just to watch the super game. At the very first front row the seats … Read more

Top 10 Great Actresses Who Have Never Won an Oscar

We’ve seen so many great actresses acting in so many great movies, so when it comes to the big awards, such as the Academy Awards, there is always a lot of competition. There are actresses that you probably think that can’t walk to the door without hitting one of the Oscars they won, but unfortunately … Read more

Top 10 Fall Inspiration Outfits Worn by Celebrities

Top 10 Fall Inspiration Outfits Worn by Celebrities | Top Inspired

With Winter on the way, it’s not a bad idea to get some late Fall inspiration for our wardrobe. One of the ways to come up with an inspiration is by seeing what did our favorite celebrities wear. To some, hats are a must, coats are the ultimate trend and the heels never go out … Read more

Top 10 Beautiful Elie Saab Gowns Worn by Celebrities

Top 10 Beautiful Elie Saab Gowns Worn by Celebrities | Top Inspired

Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab really won our hearts with his collections in the past few years. His creations are way beyond beautiful. The pastel colors are dominating, but he can surprise with a bold one as well. Flowers, sequins, designs and patterns, his creations simply can satisfy everybody’s taste! In this article we chose … Read more

Top 10 Ways To Lessen a Double Chin

Top 10 Ways To Lessen a Double Chin | Top Inspired

Double chin is an occurring mostly caused by aging or weight gain. There are different approaches to losing the double chin, some people choose to go under the knife, and others choose daily exercising and a change of lifestyle to get rid of the double chin. If you follow the instructions down below and be … Read more

Top 10 Hottest Celebrities Over 40

Top 10 Hottest Celebrities Over 40 | Top Inspired

Age has minimal impact on the amazing abs, toned physiques, and impeccable skin of these celebrities over 40.  From Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock to top model Kate Moss, we have rounded up the hottest celebrities who are aging beautifully. Some things are better with age – so are Hollywood’s most glamorous stars. Easily out glowing many … Read more