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15 Celebrities Who Have Veneers

We are pretty aware of the lengths celebrities go to uphold their appearance and status in this cutthroat industry. Besides makeup and cosmetic surgeries, dental care plays a crucial role in how our favorite celebrities look.

Besides standard dental procedures, there are leading celebrities across the globe who have had dental veneers. For those who aren’t aware, veneers are “thin covers” placed over the original teeth to enhance their appearance. It could enhance the shine, fix crookedness or even cover a shorth tooth.

Dental veneers are a lot more common among celebrities than you think. This article will familiarize you with all the celebrities who have veneers.

History Of Veneers in Hollywood

The history of veneers in Hollywood is quite fascinating. Dr. Charles Pincus invented the first veneers used in Hollywood in 1928.

The primary objective behind this invention was to improve the dental aesthetics of the actors, so their smiles and appearance seem more confident on screen.

Following the amazing success of the initial launch, Dr. Pincus later introduced acrylic veneers, which also became a breakthrough. Later in 1959, Dr. Michael Buonocore introduced bonding porcelain veneers for better grip and long-lasting results.

Since then, the use of veneers among celebrities in Hollywood has become the norm. Not many realize but most of our favorite celebrities have veneers to reshape and correct their dental aesthetic and appearance.

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Here Is a List Of 15 Celebrities Who Have Reportedly Received Veneer Treatments

Besides aesthetics, most celebrities also get dental veneers to improve their smiles and fix their dental imperfections. Not only do veneers enhance the appearance, but they also shield the actual teeth against damage.

Most celebrities we know today get temporary porcelain veneers. Veneers generally need a touch-up and replacement from time to time.

Following are the top 15 celebrities who have reportedly received veneer treatments:

1. Tom Cruise



If you reel back and watch younger photos of Tom Cruise, you will realize how drastic the transformation is. Tom Cruise grew up with crooked teeth with gaps in between. Besides getting porcelain dental veneers, Tom Cruise has had multiple other treatments like whitening and straightening. So, when Mission Impossible happened, Tom Cruise sported stunningly straight and sparkling teeth.

2. Hilary Duff



Although most of us know her from her Disney days, Hilary Duff has experienced a lot of struggles with her dental appearance. In an interview with People, Hilary explained an incident where she chipped her teeth due to a microphone. To cover that up and enhance the overall appearance of the teeth, she has had veneers on and off to maintain her blinding smile.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo



You might be shocked by this because seeing Cristiano Ronaldo now leaves no room for argument. He has perfectly aligned and whitened teeth. So, when did he get veneers? Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact time, we can say with conviction that Ronaldo has had multiple dental procedures to fix his crooked teeth. During the start of his career, Ronaldo sported uneven teeth shape with gaps in between. Look at his dazzling smile now, and you’d notice the power of dental veneers.

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4. Miley Cyrus



Who doesn’t know Miley, right? From playing a double role in Hannah Montana to growing as a leading pop star in the 2010s, Miley Cyrus is a household name. Miley has a beautiful smile and an even more attractive personality, but did you know she has had veneers since she was 17? Dental veneers have addressed multiple complications for her, including unaligned teeth, crookedness, yellowing, etc.

5. Niall Horan



Being part of one of the world’s biggest boybands, One Direction, Niall Horan was under a lot of scrutiny for his appearance. It doesn’t even raise a question that Niall is an adorable Irish leprechaun, but he has had many issues with his teeth. During his peak boyband era, Niall got braces and followed it up with dental veneers to even the appearance and aesthetics of his teeth.

6. Cardi B



While we are on the topic of singers, Cardi B is another name that deserves a special mention in the list. If you open up an image or video from Cardi’s career in the beginning, you should be able to notice the unevenness in the shape and appearance of the teeth. Cardi later revealed in Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: New York in 2017 that she’s had veneers to fix her teeth. According to Cardi, she got porcelain veneers to enhance the appearance of her otherwise crooked teeth.

7. Morgan Freeman



If you haven’t seen Morgan Freeman on the big screen, you have likely heard his voice in animated movies or ads. Morgan Freeman is undoubtedly a legend, but his career didn’t kick off with perfectly aligned teeth. Reports suggest that Freeman has had a lot of dental procedures, including straightening, whitening, and dental veneers, from some of the leading celebrity dentists in Hollywood.

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8. Zac Efron



Although you swoon over Troy’s smile from High School Musical, you don’t realize that Zac Efron’s blinding smile is a little due to the porcelain veneers he’s had since the beginning of his career. Zac had a prominent gap between his front two teeth, which is now filled, thanks to the veneers and accessory dental treatments.

9. Nicholas Cage



Nicholas Cage has a dedicated fanbase thanks to his immaculate talent and the projects he’s been a part of. However, regarding his appearance, especially his teeth, Nicholas Cage has had multiple procedures. The drastic changes started with Cage’s appearance in Birdy in 1984. His dental treatments started with implants and dentures, which were later maintained with dental veneers.

10. Keith Urban



The popularity of Keith Urban is never-ending. But, his appearance has had a bit of external help, especially regarding dental health. Despite this Australian-American musician’s attractiveness, Keith had a tangibly wide gap in the front of his teeth. He later fixed the same with braces and got veneers to enhance the aesthetic and whiteness of the teeth.

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11. Emma Watson



All of us know about Emma Watson, right? Even since her Harry Potter days, Emma has struggled with crooked and uneven teeth. However, as she grew older and more confident in her personality, she had multiple dental procedures, including dental veneers, to fix the appearance of her teeth and improve the overall aesthetics.

12. George Clooney



A public heartthrob, George Clooney is stunning and hands down one of the most handsome celebrities, despite his age. George Clooney doesn’t have crooked or gapped teeth; however, he did sport misshaped teeth early in his career. To fix that and for a whiter appearance of his teeth, George Clooney has had porcelain veneers fixed on his teeth.

13. Jim Carrey



Known for his infamous role in “The Mask,” Jim Carrey sported his crooked teeth as a unique trait, but as he grew into fame, Jim got veneers to fix the chipped tooth and improve the overall appearance of his teeth.

14. Millie Bobbie Brown



Millie rose to fame with her role as “Eleven” in Stranger Things, and if you watch her grow throughout the seasons, you will realize that Millie had crooked and uneven teeth at the beginning of his career. However, recent images and shots in the movies and shows depict straighter and whiter teeth, which is most likely due to porcelain veneers. There’s no way of being 100% sure because Millie hasn’t confirmed anything about the procedure in her interviews. However, the drastic transformation is a giveaway.

15. Victoria Beckham



If you reel back to Victoria’s childhood images, you will notice that she had crooked and uneven teeth as a child. However, growing into her fame in Spice Girls and later being in the spotlight following her marriage to David Beckham, it isn’t surprising that Victoria has gotten multiple dental procedures, including getting dental veneers. According to the reports, Victoria got her veneers back in the 1990s.


Dental veneers are becoming very mainstream, not just among celebrities but ordinary people too. Not only do they enhance the overall appearance and aesthetic of a person’s smile, but it is also a great way to boost one’s confidence. We hope this article gives you an idea about the celebrities who have had veneers following their steep career growth.

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