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15 Celebrities with Buccal Fat Removal

Take any celebrity either from the past or the present, regardless of the time they were active, their appearance was the first thing that was looked at before their talent. It is a very common issue that most celebrities face even in today’s time. To make sure they look their best all the time, many celebrities put themselves through strict diets, intense exercises, lifting heavy weights and also go through cosmetic procedures.

Celebrities have played a major share in popularizing the cosmetic procedure i.e Buccal fat removal. It is a procedure that offers a subtle yet a very  impactful transformation to one’s facial appearance. This minimally invasive surgery targets the buccal fat pads, helping individuals achieve a slimmer and more defined face. It  involves the removal of excess fat from the cheekbones and jaw bones, creating a more sculpted and defined face.

Understanding Buccal Fat Removal


Before delving into the celebrity transformations and their before and after, it’s important to know the basics of buccal fat removal. This cosmetic procedure is designed to enhance facial structure by reducing fullness in the lower cheeks. A skilled surgeon carefully extracts the excess fat pads, creating a more chiseled appearance without compromising natural facial expressions.

The Celebrity Trend

Celebrities often set beauty standards, and buccal fat removal is no exception. In countries like China and South Korea, the beauty standards are measured in scales, and some of them are way too extreme to meet and stay put. 

Getting a buccal fat removal procedure has made a trend and gained momentum in Hollywood and beyond, with stars seeking a refined and polished look. The decision to undergo such a procedure must be deeply personal, influenced by a desire for self-improvement and never based on the possible public scrutiny that the artist or celebrity may face. While in most cases they are true but unfortunately there are cases where the celebrity has been through numerous such procedures to please the public and their wishes.

15 Celebrities Before-and-After The Buccal Fat Removal Procedure

Let’s dive into the transformations of 15 notable celebrities who embraced buccal fat removal procedures and look into the nuanced changes this procedure can bring to different facial structures.

1. Adele


The English singer-songwriter known for her powerful voice had a fuller face during the early years of her career. Post buccal fat removal, she revealed a more contoured and refined facial structure, that complimented her incredible vocal talent.

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2. Chrissy Teigen


The famous model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen had a rounder face in the beginning years of her career. After the buccal fat removal, she now has a more angular facial profile, enhancing her natural beauty the best way possible.

3. Zac Efron


Zack Efron, widely known as Troy Bolton from High School Musical saga was the heartthrob actor who had a youthful and round face during earlier days. Post-surgery, Zac Efron’s facial features became more sharp, adding a mature touch to his Hollywood charm.

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4. Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez, the ever famous singer and actress had a very soft facial structure that oozed pure childlike innocence earlier in her career. The procedure gave her a refined and sophisticated appearance that  aligned perfectly with her growing career.

5. Chris Pratt


The actor, known for his roles in comedic films, had a fuller face in the early stages of his career. Post the buccal fat removal, he looked a lot more sculpted and rugged, which added to Chris Pratt’s transformation into action-packed roles in movies like Star Wars and Jurassic World.

6. Kaley Cuoco


The Big Bang Theory star had a youthful and round face during the show’s early seasons. After the buccal fat removal, Kaley Cuoco’s facial features became more structured that helped showcase her natural beauty in a new light.

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7. Jonah Hill


The actor and comedian had a fuller face during the initial phases of his flourishing career. Buccal fat removal played a heavy role in his transformation, emphasizing on his weight loss success journey and the newfound confidence.

8. Bella Hadid


The ever famous supermodels Bella Hadid who has walked for many luxury brands has always had a good facial structure. She embraced buccal fat removal, looking for a more structured facial appearance which added a touch of elegance to her look, enhancing her runway-ready features.

9. Chloë Grace Moretz


The American actress, known for her roles in Kick-Ass and Carrie, had a very youthful and round face. Buccal fat removal procedure added a more mature and defined facial structure, complementing her to transition to adult roles.

10. Jared Leto


The American actor and musician, known for his broad range in style, had a fuller face in his earlier years. Post the buccal fat removal, it  highlighted his  striking features, adding a refined edge to his charismatic persona.

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11. Demi Lovato


The American actress, singer-songwriter and pop sensation had a softer facial structure during the early years of her career. Post-surgery, Demi Lovato’s face showcased a more defined and contoured look, aligning with her evolving image.

12. John Legend


John Legend, the Grammy-winning artist had a rounder face during the initial stages of his career. Post the procedure his facial features contributed to a more sculpted facial appearance, complementing his charming, confident and sophisticated style.

13. Khloé Kardashian


The reality TV star had a softer facial structure during the early seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Buccal fat removal added a touch of glamor to Khloé Kardashian’s look, enhancing her overall aesthetic.

14. Matthew McConaughey


The Academy Award-winning actor had a more laid-back and rounded facial structure in his earlier years. Buccal fat removal contributed to a more refined and polished look, complementing Matthew McConaughey’s transition to serious roles.

15. Gigi Hadid


Even top models like Gigi Hadid have explored cosmetic enhancements, including buccal fat removal. The surgery accentuated Gigi Hadid’s natural beauty, providing a subtle yet impactful transformation to her facial features.


Buccal fat removal has become a go-to cosmetic procedure for celebrities looking to enhance their facial aesthetics. The transformations of these 15 celebrities highlight the versatility and effectiveness of the surgery in achieving a very sculpted and refined facial appearance. As these public figures continue to evolve in their careers and personal lives, buccal fat removal remains a valuable tool in their journey toward self-expression and confidence.

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