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21 Best White Rappers You Should Listen To in 2024

In the hip-hop community/ world, diversity is the key to its vibrancy. While the genre has been historically dominated by African-American artists, the landscape has transformed, welcoming talented individuals from all walks of life. In 2024, the white rap scene is flourishing with a remarkable lineup of artists who bring their unique style and perspective to the table. Here, we present the “21 Best White Rappers You Should Listen To in 2024.”

The Powerhouses

1. Lil Debbie

With her unapologetic attitude and slick rhymes, Lil Debbie has been a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. 

Early LifeJordan Capozzi, born February 2, 1990, in Albany, California.
CareerLil Debbie gained prominence as part of the group “The White Girl Mob.” – 2011
Music Albums“Debbie” (2014), “OG in My System” (2014).
Famous Songs“2 Cups” and “Bake a Cake.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

2. K.flay

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Blurring the lines between alternative and hip-hop, K.flay’s versatile style sets her apart in the music scene.

Early LifeKristine Flaherty, born June 30, 1985, in Wilmette, Illinois.
EducationStanford University graduate.
CareerKnown for her versatile music blending elements of hip-hop, pop, and rock.
Music Albums“Life as a Dog” (2014), “Every Where Is Some Where” (2017).
Famous Songs“Blood in the Cut,” “High Enough.”
Awards/NominationsGrammy Award nominee.

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3. Sarai

Known for her thought-provoking lyrics and dynamic flow, Sarai is making waves with her powerful presence.

Early LifeSarai Howard, born 23 January 1981, in Kingston, Jamaica.
CareerGained popularity on YouTube for her rap performances.
Music Albums“The Original” (2003).
Famous Songs“Ladies.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

4. Kitty


Kitty’s introspective and clever wordplay showcases her as a rising star, making her a must-listen in 2024.

Early LifeKathryn Beckwith, born February 25, 1993, in Daytona Beach, Florida.
CareerKnown for her internet presence and contributions to the DIY music scene.
Music Albums“Miami Garden Club” (2019).
Famous Songs“OK Cupid,” “Ay Shawty: THE SHREKONING.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

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5. Iggy Azalea

A household name, Iggy Azalea’s chart-topping hits and undeniable talent solidify her as one of the best in the game.

Early LifeAmethyst Amelia Kelly, born June 7, 1990, in Sydney, Australia.
RelationshipsLimited Info
CareerInternational success with hits like “Fancy” and “Black Widow.”
Music Albums“The New Classic” (2014), “In My Defense” (2019).
Famous Songs“Fancy,” “Black Widow,” “Work.”
Awards/NominationsGrammy Award winner.

The Game-Changers

1. Kellee Maize

An advocate for positive change, Kellee Maize combines conscious lyrics with infectious beats, creating a unique listening experience.

Early LifeKellee Maize, born January 18, 1980, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
EducationGraduated from Carnegie Mellon University.
CareerIndependent artist known for her positive and conscious lyrics.
Music Albums“Aligned Archetype” (2010), “Integration” (2011).
Famous Songs“Google Female Rapper.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

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2. Kreayshawn

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Kreayshawn’s bold style and fearless approach to her craft make her an influential figure in the white rap scene.

Early LifeNatassia Gail Zolot, born September 24, 1989, in San Francisco, California.
EducationAttended Berkeley Digital Film Institute.
CareerGained popularity with the viral hit “Gucci Gucci.”
Music Albums“Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay” (2012).
Famous Songs“Gucci Gucci,” “Breakfast (Syrup).”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

3. Ashnikko

With her genre-blending sound and visually striking persona, Ashnikko is breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of hip-hop.

Early LifeAshton Nicole Casey, born February 19, 1996, in Oak Ridge, North Carolina.
CareerKnown for her unique style and hits like “Stupid” and “Daisy.”
Music Albums“Demidevil” (2021).
Famous Songs“Stupid,” “Daisy.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

4. Tairrie B

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Tairrie B’s fearless lyricism and strong delivery have earned her a spot among the best white rappers of 2024.

Early LifeTheresa Beth, born January 18, 1965, in Anaheim, California.
CareerInitially part of the rap group Tura Satana, later pursued a solo career.
Music Albums“The Power of a Loaded Gun” (1990).
Famous Songs“Murder She Wrote.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

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5. Whitney Peyton

Armed with energy and raw talent, Whitney Peyton’s dynamic performances and relatable lyrics resonate with fans worldwide.

Early LifeWhitney Peyton, born June 6, 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
CareerIndependent artist known for her energetic and versatile style.
Music Albums“On the Brink” (2014), “Firecracker Pyro Edition” (2016).
Famous Songs“It’s All Good,” “Word of Mouth.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

The Trailblazers

1. Chanel West Coast

Transitioning from television to rap, Chanel West Coast’s charisma and flow make her a standout in the industry.

Early LifeChelsea Chanel Dudley, born September 1, 1988, in Los Angeles, California.
EducationAttended Taft High School.
CareerGained popularity through her appearances on MTV’s “Ridiculousness.”
Music Albums“America’s Sweetheart” (2013).
Famous Songs“Bass in the Trunk,” “Karl.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

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2. Fergie

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A veteran in the music scene, Fergie’s crossover success and timeless appeal continue to captivate audiences.

Early LifeStacy Ann Ferguson, born March 27, 1975, in Hacienda Heights, California.
EducationGraduated from Glen A. Wilson High School.
RelationshipsHusband – Josh Duhamel.
CareerInitially part of The Black Eyed Peas, successful solo career.
Music Albums“The Dutchess” (2006).
Famous Songs“Fergalicious,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”
Awards/NominationsMultiple Grammy Awards with The Black Eyed Peas.

3. Eternia

Eternia’s socially conscious lyrics and storytelling prowess showcase her as a skilled storyteller in the hip-hop landscape.

Early LifeEternia, born 13 May 1980 , in Ottawa, Canada.
EducationStudied at Carleton University.
CareerKnown for her socially conscious and introspective lyrics.
Music Albums“It’s Called Life” (2005), “At Last” (2010).
Famous Songs“The BBQ,” “Final Offering.”
Awards/NominationsLimted Ino

4. Jacky Vike

Hailing from Kenya, Jacky Vike brings a global perspective to the white rap scene, proving that talent knows no boundaries.

Early LifeJacky Vike, born November 16, 1987, in Molo, Kenya.
EducationLimited Info
CareerActress and comedian, known for her role as Awinja in the Kenyan show “Papa Shirandula.”
Music AlbumsN/A
Famous SongsN/A
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

5. Wynne

Wynne’s sharp lyricism and unique sound contribute to her rising prominence in the rap game.

Early LifeWynne Bennett, born July 28, 1994, in Portland, Oregon.
EducationStudied at Portland State University.
CareerGained attention through YouTube and later collaborated with prominent artists.
Music AlbumsN/A
Famous Songs“Buzzer,” “Don’t Touch.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

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The Rising Stars

1. Bhad Bhabie

Despite her young age, Bhad Bhabie’s rapid rise to fame and undeniable talent make her a noteworthy artist in 2024.

Early LifeDanielle Bregoli, born March 26, 2003, in Boynton Beach, Florida.
CareerRose to fame after appearing on the Dr. Phil show and later pursued a music career.
Music AlbumsN/A
Famous Songs“Hi Bich,” “Gucci Flip Flops.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

2. Tay Money

Tay Money’s infectious energy and catchy hooks have garnered her a dedicated fan base and a spot on our list.

Early LifeTaylor Watson, born September 23, 1993, in Athens, Texas.
EducationStudied at Texas Woman’s University.
Music Albums“Hurricane Tay” (2018).
Famous Songs“Trapper’s Delight,” “Bussin.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

3. Dessa

Dessa’s poetic lyricism and genre-blurring approach showcase her as a true innovator in the white rap scene.

Early LifeMargret Wander, born May 23, 1981, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
EducationBachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota.
CareerA member of the Doomtree collective, known for her blend of hip-hop and spoken word.
Music Albums“A Badly Broken Code” (2010), “Chime” (2018).
Famous Songs“Dixon’s Girl,” “Fire Drills.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

4. Justina Valentine

Known for her freestyle skills and dynamic performances, Justina Valentine is a rising star to keep an eye on.

Early LifeJustina Valentine, born February 14, 1987, in Passaic, New Jersey.
EducationLimited Info
CareerGained recognition through appearances on MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” and her music.
Music Albums“Scarlet Letter” (2016).
Famous Songs“Candy Land,” “Just Don’t Give A F***.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

5. Millie B

Millie B’s raw authenticity and distinctive style set her apart, making her a standout in the evolving rap landscape.

Early LifeMillie B, born March 20, 2001, in Liverpool, England.
EducationLimited Info
CareerGained attention with her grime track “M to the B” on social media.
Music AlbumsN/A
Famous Songs“M to the B.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info

6. Brooke Candy

With her bold visuals and unapologetic style, Brooke Candy is a force to be reckoned with, closing our list of the best white rappers in 2024.

Early LifeBrooke Candy, born July 20, 1989, in Oxnard, California.
EducationLimited Info
CareerKnown for her provocative style and collaborations with artists like Grimes.
Music Albums“SEXORCISM” (2019).
Famous Songs“Opulence,” “Living Out Loud.”
Awards/NominationsLimited Info


As we venture further into the musical landscape of 2024, these 21 white rappers showcase the diversity and creativity that define the contemporary hip-hop scene. From seasoned veterans to rising stars, each artist brings a unique flavor to the genre, ensuring that the world of rap remains exciting, inclusive, and ever-evolving. So, dive into their discographies, explore their stories, and witness the brilliance of the 21 best white rappers shaping the sound of 2024.

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