Top 8 Ways to Enable Social Distancing at Work for Your Employees

A year ago, everyone’s lives changed. The COVID-19 pandemic struck as if from nowhere, changing the entire world irrevocably. Over a million people have died, and many more will. Fortunately, game-changing vaccines have allowed us to return to work, but because of the threat of breakthrough infections and unvaccinated carriers, social distancing must still be … Read more

Top 7 Life Hacks to Help Depression

Depression is a medical condition negatively affecting our feelings, thoughts, and activities, resulting in an overall sad feeling. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, depression affects more than 16.1 million individuals in the USA. It is labeled as the top cause for disability of individuals aged 15 to 43. Currently, the COVID-19 … Read more

TOP 10 Ways To Make Working From Home Easier

The Covid-19 pandemic has, and continues to make, many people spend a lot of time at home. Although many people were made redundant from their jobs, many others had to make do from home. Even though no business wants to close, non-essential companies were forced to do so. But what about the essential ones? Their … Read more

Top 4 facts about the BNPL Industry

Buy Now Pay Later has come a long way in the last two years, and its introduction has made it simpler for everyone to buy the long-ticket items without paying the entire payment upfront.  The industry’s leading players like Klarna, Affirm, Afterpay, Sezzle, etc., have adopted the BNPL approach to ease the online shopping experience. … Read more

TOP 5 Best Summer Holiday Ideas For The Family

Traveling has a unique way of freeing the soul, bringing out parts of your personality repressed for years. Whether traveling alone or with your family, it’s crucial to appreciate this experience; you never know when you might get the chance again.  The pandemic has shown us how quickly life can change and how activities like … Read more