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Top 10 Best Christmas Alcoholic Drinks

Every woman in the world wants a perfect dinner table for Christmas Eve! Creating a festive atmosphere for the big day isn’t easy and if you really want everything to be flawless you must get organized on time. Ideal Christmas dinner requires delicious and traditional meals, representative peppermint desserts and of course, the most important thing of all: Christmas alcoholic drinks to warm up the party.

You don’t have to search the web to find the ideal beverages for this occasion, because we’ve gathered together Top 10 Best Christmas Alcoholic Drinks.

This cocktail menu, without a doubt will take you right through the holiday season!

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Peppermint White Russians

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_01Recipe via

Frosted Coconut Blitz

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_02Recipe via

Candy Cane Cocktail

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_03Recipe via

Grinch Spritzer

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_04Recipe via

The North Pole

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_05Recipe via

Peppermint Martini “Peppermintini”

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_06Recipe via

Eggnog Martini

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_07Recipe via

Peppermint Cosmos

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_081Recipe via

Eggnog with a Cookie Ornament Garnish

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_09Recipe via

Candy Cane Mojitos – One of the best Christmas Alcoholic Drinks

best-christmas-alcoholic-drinks_10Recipe via

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