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Top 10 DIY Festive Christmas Centerpieces

Make it your Christmas challenge this month to create a unique centerpiece arrangement. Although it’s a wonderful time of the year, this holiday can be pretty hard on the wallet, so instead of splurging on expensive decorations, make your own and save some money. A Christmas centerpiece is necessary in every home, it adds charm to the holiday table and makes it sparkle. Entertain in style this season and wow your dinner guests by topping your table with an eye-catching handmade decoration. These tutorials show you how to arrange your own festive centerpiece that will be the focal point in the room.

Cinnamon Stick Floral Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_01DIY Tutorial via

Decorative Ball Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_02DIY Tutorial via

Red and Green Centerpiece with Candles

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_03DIY Tutorial via

Gift Box Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_04DIY Tutorial via

Christmas Centerpiece with Greenery and Candles

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_05DIY Tutorial via

Photo Tree Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_06DIY Tutorial via

Sticks and Pompoms Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_07DIY Tutorial via

Tomato Cage Christmas Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_08DIY Tutorial via

Red and White Flowers Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_09DIY Tutorial via

Silver Centerpiece

diy-festive-christmas-centerpieces_10DIY Tutorial via

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