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Top 5 Rules How To Choose the Right Toy for Toddler Boys this Christmas

Christmas mornings are exciting for everyone in the family, especially children. Running to the Christmas tree and opening the presents together is a memorable experience. 

Toys are easily one of the best gifts for toddlers this Christmas. However,  many of the toys in the market are not suitable for younger children. Toddlers should play with toys that not only bring them joy and fun, but that promote their cognitive and motor skills. Let’s see some of the rules to follow on how to choose the right toy for toddler boys this holiday season. 

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 5  Rules when choosing toys for toddler boys

The first is to check how age-appropriate a toy is by looking at the packaging. All toy boxes specify the minimum age to use a toy. You must never allow a toddler to play with a toy that’s meant for an older child. It may have small parts, or present a hazard of some kind.

Try to avoid toys that may be toxic. Even when a toy is labeled safe for your child’s age, exert some self-doubt. There are toys that when swallowed can cause heavy damage to children. An example is Kinetic Sand. Although not toxic, it still poses a choking hazard and can cause stomach problems. The toy is labeled as 3+, however, at that age, children may be on the fringe of danger.

Make it educational if possible. There are many toys that bring forth a sense of learning, and they are still great fun to play with. That’s why it is best if any toy meant for a toddler has an added skills bonus. It may be a way to improve the child’s motor skills, as a manual toy crane. Another way a toy can help toddlers is by improving their cognitive skills. A good example it’s to give puzzles, as they promote both physical activity and generate logical thinking.

Don’t impose your taste on the child. While it’s true that parents, family, and friends are who choose the gifts, it is not recommended to force a child to play with a toy they dislike. If your toddler boy doesn’t like cars, it is not recommended you buy those, as he won’t play with them, or will be unhappy to be forced to use them. A good idea is to go for generic toys, that won’t cause much conflict if you are unsure about their kid’s taste.

Animals are not good gifts for toddlers. Unless you are the parent of the child, never give a  live animal as a gift. This is true even for older children and adults, but more so for toddlers. They are still unable to fully control themselves. This means they cannot take good care of the pet, and may even harm it. Ultimately, as cute as it is to give that puppy or kitten, is more of a burden to mom and dad, than a good present.

           Best types of toys to give by age

0-6 months old: At this age babies cannot move a lot. The best type of toys include mobiles and jungle gyms. These two kinds promote hand movement and allow the child to grab and pull. Other necessary items are mats. It could be water mats or pillow mats, this way the babies can have tummy time, turn, and crawl. Finally, rattles, balls, and contrast books. All of these toys are great gifts for babies between o and 6 months old.

Best toy: Jungle gym/ gym mat. This is an all-rounder for babies, as it helps develop many motor skills at one while promoting play.


6-12 months old: Right before babies become toddlers, the best toys promote movement. Walkers and simple puzzles are a fantastic way to develop that crawling and initial walking. Cube puzzles are a start for more complicated activities and serve as a way for children to differentiate size and shapes. 

Best toy: Push walker plus bonus busy board. Push walkers are a better option than traditional sitting ones. By pushing the walker, babies strengthen their core and learn how to walk alone faster. If you can find a push walker with a busy board, it is a nice bonus as this helps engage the child and develop cognitive skills.


1-3 years old: Toddler boys in this age group start to develop a stronger personality from babyhood. You will notice what colors they prefer, and what toys catch their eye more often. This is a period of exploration and Montessori toys are highly recommended. The beautifully crafted wooden toys are all about independence, learning, and exploration. The options of toys to buy are wider, which also means you should be more selective. Focus on preschool skills, such as numbers, colors, shapes, and group play. 

Best toy: Montessori-style simple puzzles make the best toddler gifts. These toys promote brain activity and fine motor skills in a fun way.


3-5 years old: Toddlers by this age are more confident and they can easily say what they like and dislike. The best gifts for toddlers this Christmas in this age group include advanced toys that mix hand eyes coordination and some brainpower. Toys that can be used in different settings are a huge plus.

Best Toy: Playsets are a great choice for toddlers. These themed toys promote make-believe play and fine motor skills. Since they are usually played in a group or with a parent, they also help with necessary social skills. 


Toddlers of all ages: As usual there are toys that are safe for all ages, and they make not only safe but great gifts. Crayons, paper, watercolor, glue, and children’s scissors are an example of easy-to-find items that will be greatly used by a child of any age. Sometimes, the best gifts for toddlers are the simplest ones. 

The Bottom Line

Getting the best gifts for a toddler boy this Christmas has never been easier when following some basic rules. Toys make for excellent gifts, yet make sure to choose wisely, and enjoy the holidays. 

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