Top 10 Christmas Themed Food Recipes

If you’re wondering what to make for the holiday gatherings, you’ve come to the right place. Christmas is looming and it can’t possibly be a proper jolly holiday unless there is fun Christmas themed food that evokes a certain childlike joy. Creative people have thought of so many ways to have fun preparing food and make it look so amazing, that it’s practically an edible Christmas decoration. There are countless holiday themed recipes available online and we’ve scoured the web for the very best Christmas food ideas that are sure to be the talk of the table.

Baked Potato Snowman

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_01Recipe via

Pita Tree Appetizers

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_02Recipe via

Hotdog Christmas Stockings

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_03Recipe via

Cabot Cheddar Tree

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_04Recipe via

Berry Christmas Pavlova

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_05Recipe via

Edible Fruit Tree

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_06Recipe via

Katie´s Pretzel Wreaths

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_07Recipe via

Christmas Caprese Wreath Salad

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_08Recipe via

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_09Recipe via

Santa Bread

creative-christmas-themed-food-recipes_10Recipe via


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