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Top 10 Ideas How to Decorate With Bookshelves

The books they own are like a part of their spirit for the people who really love books and literature. Every single person who reads books owns a spot in their house for the bookshelves. The bookshelves are a place where the book lovers hide their heritage.

Nowadays, these lovely colorful bookshelves can be used as perfect decor for the interiors. There are many fun ways to use the books and create an interestingly unique way into your home space. On one side, you will have a decor on the wall, and on the other side, you will have a place where to store your books. Maybe this article will help you to find inspiration for your perfect bookshelves home decoration.

1. Rainbow Bookshelves



This is an exciting and colorful way how to make a specific decor in your interior. Select every one of your books by their color, arrange them by color, and put them in a way that you can create a “rainbow.” The effect will be magical, and it will give a bright and light spirit to the interior.  For the project, like in the photo above, you will need many books or maybe smaller bookshelves. You can always plug some details like frames, candles, and other decorations so you could fit the space.

2. Tree Bookshelves



All you will need is to have glass bookshelves, wall paint, and paint skills for this project. You should paint a tree on your wall, and then you should place the bookshelves on the tree. The effect is unique and magical, and for sure, it will give a different look to the whole home decor. It will give a natural spirit into the interior, and it will bring color inside. It is perfect for monotone interiors.

3. Wall Bookshelves



For those of you who own many books, then small bookshelves are not a good idea. The best idea for you is to make a wall of bookshelves. Pick one of your walls at your house on which you will make a different decor with nice and geometrical bookshelves squares. This is a fascinating idea of how to turn your monotone wall into a colorful paradise.

4. Hanging Bookshelves



Many retailers are trying to sell the best and most interesting products, and these bookshelves are one of those kinds of products. These hanging bookshelves are so interesting and so different that they will excite the interior. Place your books on these interesting hanging bookshelves, and everybody who will see them would ask how you did it.

5. Chaotic Dimensional Bookshelves



Dimensional but chaotic bookshelves are an exciting and modern way of how to make interesting home decor. The whole wall decor will look like multidimensional heaven and will be unique for guarantee. This decor will make your office spot warm and interesting, but it is also a nice idea for the home interior. From a plain white wall to interesting white wall decor with few steps.

6. Piano Bookshelves



If you own an old and useless piano, you can convert it into lovely bookshelves. This is an interesting idea of how to decorate your interior in so many different ways. With this idea, you will even use your old useless piano. This piano bookshelf will look like an art spot in your home decor where the literature and the music will meet each other. Music and literature are such a perfect combination and bring an artistic spirit to your home decor.

7. Under The Stairs Bookshelves



If you ask yourself what to do with space under the stairs, then maybe this is your solution. Make a nice colorful place from the tight space under your stairs. Your home decor will be more colorful and fun after using the small spot under your stair for a colorful bookshelf. Also, you can make the bookshelves like a rainbow for a better effect.

8. Letter Bookshelves



Bookshelves in the shape of letters are a perfect idea for the kid’s spot. In their nursery, bedroom, or at the school, this is a fun idea of storing their books. All the letters are the inspiration for the literature, inspiring all the readers to read more books. This is a fascinating decoration for book lovers and a fun way to make a colorful art place in every decor.

9. Frame Bookshelves



Use the old frames from the art pieces or from the mirrors for a new art project instead of throwing them out in the garbage. Place the old frames at the edges of your bookshelves and put them on your wall, and in the end, you will have a magical result. This is a very interesting and unique idea of how to create a nice and elegant different home decor. Always combine two or three frames for better effect.

10. Super Hero Bookshelves



For those who have their favorite superhero and like books, this is an interesting idea of how to make a perfect combination of their two favorite things. Make your bookshelves in a superhero shape and store all of your favorite books inside. This could be a super interesting surprise for your kids as well.

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