Top 10 Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Almost every home in the world has a wonderful, big Christmas tree during December. This tree is the most representative symbol of winter holidays and it has so many variations. But, who says that Christmas tree has to be a tree!? If you’re really bored with a classic, same Christmas tree that you’ve had for many years, then now it’s a perfect time to try something new and make one of these unusual DIY Christmas tree projects. You can place these trees on a mantle, table, or just to accent your decor.  Use your imagination and have fun!

Christmas Tree Tutorial

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_01DIY Tutorial via

Ladder Christmas “Tree”

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_03DIY Tutorial via

DIY Christmas Tree Cones

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_02DIY Tutorial via

Pallet Christmas Countdown

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_04DIY Tutorial via

Pallet and Flasher Lights Christmas Tree

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_07DIY Tutorial via

Wooden Christmas Tree

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_05DIY Tutorial via

Easy DIY Twine Christmas Tree

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_06DIY Tutorial via

DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_08DIY Tutorial via

DIY Paper Christmas Tree

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_09DIY Tutorial via

Tabletop Knitting Needle Ornament Tree

unusual-diy-christmas-tree_10DIY Tutorial via

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