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Top 10 Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

One of the main Christmas symbols and perhaps the most important one is the Christmas tree. Not only that it gives a special touch to the space you are in, but it also has sentimental value – the Christmas tree is the place where the whole family gathers on Christmas Eve. Almost every home in the world has a wonderful, big Christmas tree during December. But, who says that a Christmas tree has to be a tree? If you’re really bored with the same old, classic Christmas tree that you’ve had for many years, then now it’s a perfect time to try something new, creative and unusual. We selected the Top 10 Unusual DIY Christmas Tree Ideas in order to inspire you to do a different Christmas tree or Christmas tree decorations this year. Use your imagination and have fun!

Cupcake Liners Christmas Tree


Since it’s Christmas and you most definitely make Christmas cookies, you surely have some extra cupcake liners in your kitchen. For that reason, we are presenting you with an idea of how to use cupcake liners to make your own DIY Christmas trees. The end result are very cute medium-sized Christmas trees that you can put beside your table full of sweet Christmas desserts.

Ladder Christmas “Tree”


Although a ladder is a very helpful instrument to use in your home, we’ve discovered one more useful feature for your ladder: to make a Christmas tree out of it. You can decorate it even faster than an average Christmas tree and it will juice up your living room a bit.

DIY Christmas Tree Cones


If you want to add a rustic touch to your Christmas decoration, then you can make these beautiful Christmas tree cones. The rustic style has never gone out of fashion. It brings ultimate comfort to any space and that’s why it’s the most used style for Christmas decorations.

Pallet Christmas Countdown


This pallet Christmas tree is meant for those who want to be eco-friendly and nature-minded this year. Since the pallets are wooden, it gives you a lot of space to decorate them however you want; paint them in different colours or give the tree a useful purpose. For example, you can make a mini Christmas calendar.

Books Christmas Tree


For all the bibliophiles out there, this is the best Christmas tree you can ever imagine. If you have lots of books at home, you can definitely use them to make a Christmas tree out of them. Everything else you need is just Christmas lights and decorations for the top of your new creative and “smart” Christmas tree.

Tissue Paper Wall Christmas Tree


The traditional Christmas tree can take up a lot of space in your home, so if you want to make a Christmas tree and at the same time, save some space, we suggest you make this Christmas tree hung on the wall. If you are crafty and have some spare time, use it to make this improvised Christmas tree.

Floating Cardboard Christmas Tree


This Christmas tree will definitely leave everybody flabbergasted. It’s floating! Amazing right? The secret is that, unlike all other Christmas trees with a base, this Christmas tree hangs attached to the ceiling abut gives a visually imperceptible perception that it’s floating. It really creates a magical Harry Pottery atmosphere.

DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree


Here is another eco-friendly Christmas tree idea for those who want don’t want to buy a plastic Christmas tree, nor kill a living one. Because pinecones look so much like Christmas trees, they are ideal for Christmas decorations. Aren’t they lovely?

DIY Paper Christmas Tree


Save money during the holidays. You don’t have to buy lots of Christmas decorations. All you need is a little imagination, paper, scissors and glue to make these cute Christmas trees. Paper is especially a favourite among the youngest member, so don’t forget to include them in the process of making.

Tabletop Knitting Needle Ornament Tree

If you have some old ornaments, you can make these tabletop Christmas trees. You can experiment with the colours and sizes and make and even make the trees asymmetrical, it will give a unique touch to your space. They would look nice wherever you place them; your living room, your kitchen or your work desk.

We hope we’ve motivated you to create one of these interesting Christmas tree ideas. Have you made a DIY Christmas tree before? Which one of these ideas will you try? Let us know in a comment below! May all your holiday happiness show in your crafts this season!

Marry Christmas!

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