We’re counting down the days till Christmas, and soon enough, we’ll be ringing in the new year with a brand new 2014 calendar. There are 29 days till the big day, and that means that we have enough time to get ready for this amazing holiday. Our home is waiting to be decorated in a new, exciting way. Probably, we all have a  Christmas wreath that we hang up every year and we used to like it, but now that wreath is maybe old and boring!? It’s finally time for a new one! We’ve gathered together top 10 DIY Christmas wreaths which are easy to make and super creative. Don’t waste your time and get your home ready for the Christmas season and all winter has to offer with these easy projects. We promise that these Christmas wreaths will decorate your home with true holiday spirit!

3-D Paper Star Wreath Tutorial

diy-christmas-wreath_01DIY Tutorial via littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com

Glittery Snowflake Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_02DIY Tutorial via bhg.com

DIY Christmas Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_03DIY Tutorial via echoesoflaughter.ca

Winter Silver & Blue Pinecone Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_04DIY Tutorial via howtonestforless.com

DIY Christmas Ornaments Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_05DIY Tutorial via matt-and-becky.blogspot.com

DIY Super-Easy Holiday Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_06DIY Tutorial via chic-steals.com

Amazing DIY Holiday Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_07DIY Tutorial via piccadillypeddler.blogspot.com

DIY Christmas Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_08DIY Tutorial via susieharrisblog.com

White Yarn Christmas Wreath

diy-christmas-wreath_09DIY Tutorial via bhg.com

Candy Wreath Tutorial

diy-christmas-wreath_10DIY Tutorial via gwynnwassondesigns.com