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Top 10 DIY Creative and Easy Mug Designs

Drinking tea, cocoa or hot chocolate in a cute mag can be very satisfying, especially if you are considered as the creative type of a person. Mugs can be expensive, but that’s not a reason to worry about. If your mug costs you too much, make it yourself.

All you need is one colored mug, in a color by your choice, markers designed for mugs (but remember to buy dishwasher free and food safe!) and an oven. The rest is just using your imagination to create a beautiful mug for you or a gift for someone special. For that, we picked ten amazing, yet very simple designs that don’t require any special art skills.

1. Snowman Mug



With all the holidays in this period, giving a Christmas themed gift is always a good idea, especially if you are making it yourself. Making this mug design is very easy. All you need is to draw the eyes by drawing dots, then few lines for the smile and orange one for the nose. Also, writing down a message will warm the heart of the person you’re giving this mug too!

2. Sprinkle Mug



There’s no excuse that will justify you for not making this mug. This the most simple, yet very creative design for a mug. You just literally need a white mug and markers in different colors. Making lines down the mug, making them look like rainbow sprinkles. You can design the whole mug with them. When you add your beverage with a cream topped with rainbow sprinkles, it will be hard to say which are the real ones!

3. Golden Kiss Mug



Very elegant mug, we have to admit. We also have to admit that having a mug with a lip print in our kitchen was a must the moment we saw it! Besides the white mug and the oven, for this one you need non toxic gold paint, paintbrush, rubbing alcohol and a painters tape. The whole process lasts just few minutes. Note that the mug on the picture was already bought with a golden rim, but if you can’t find one with it, that’s fine too!

4. Abstract Brushstroke Mug



Something very artistic, if you like your mugs like that. Besides the white mug and the oven, you need porcelain paint, three colors by your choice and clean craft paint brushes. With all the supplies by your side, just dip the brushes in the pain and make stripes on the mug. Let your inner artist create the mug you always craved.

5. Sharpie Mug



If you don’t like designs, drawings and paintings, but rather just messages, making these mugs will be the thing for you. Unlike the rest on this list, these sharpie mugs are black ones, which creates a nice contrast when you write with a white marker on them. You also need oil – based marker, rubbing alcohol and Q – tips. Choose the message you want to see in the mornings and let it inspire you from the moment you wake up.

6. Tissue Paper Watercolor Mug



For these mugs you need tissue paper in colors by your choice, brush and dishwater safe ModPodge (or similar). All you have to do is just go though few steps: rip off tissue paper in smaller pieces, apply the ModPodge on your mug, place the smaller pieces of the paper on the mug and paint over each piece with the ModPodge. Paint again a final layer and let it dry. You will have an amazing watercolor effect!

7. Dot and Dash DIY Mugs



You will be surprised how much you can do by yourself when you’re left with ceramic markers and a mug. We should always find a way to let out our inner creativity. These mugs are the proof for that. Let them inspire to draw whatever you want. Dots, flowers, stripes, figures, whatever that comes up on your mind. Even though the drawings might not be the most beautiful ones, the fact that you did them will be the most satisfying.

8. Marbled Nail Polish Mug



Using nail polish as a way of decorating ceramic mugs is a technique worth trying. You need nail polish preferably in darker colors, large bowl or container, water, nail polish remover in case you want a redo and a paper towel. These mugs look so great that they look as if they’re bought, and not homemade. Check the link for more instructions.

9. Gold Dipped Mug



The Gold Dipped Mug is a project that will take you only five minutes. You need masking or blue painters tape, matte-finnish indoor fast-drying gold spray paint and a clear sealer for ceramic. If you decide making this mug design, note that it is not dishwasher safe. So, when wash the mug from the inside by hand and carefully do the same on the outside.

10. Glitter Mug



Some glittery stuff can bright up the kitchen, if that’s what you want. For this mug you need glitter tray and rack, patterning tape, heart glitter, brush and gloss decoupage. It’s nothing difficult to make, just follow carefully the given instructions. This glittery mug will be perfect as a gift, or you can keep it for yourself.

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