Top 10 Unusual Things You Can Do with Nail Polish

Having nice hands and perfectly colored nails is a must in a woman’s world, because hands are the most visible part of our body! As a real lady you probably own a huge collection of nail polishes in various colors which you know hot to incorporate in your style for any occasion!

Yes, nail polishing is a fun and girly activity, but do you know that actually you can use the liquid from those little bottles not just for your nails, but for various purposes too?! With a small dose of creativity and a little knowledge you can do miracles!

Here is an article that will show you 10 unusual things you can do with your colorful nail polishes! From simple jewelry protection to key painting, here is a list that will make you to not look at that liquid in the same way again! Scroll down and prepare yourself to be wowed!

1. Prevent a run in your stockings from getting worse with clear nail polish



We’ve all been there… on work or a simple night out, where you’ve noticed a run in your tights! Yes this scenario can be a real nightmare, but things can get even worse if you don’t have a clear nail polish in your purse which can help you to stop the run in the stocking tracks!! Take that small bottle with you wherever you go and don’t worry about that small problem anymore!

2. Transform old and boring bag into a chic and trend clutch



Are you ready for DIY-ing?! If yes, then find some old small bag and with a help of nail polishes in different colors transform it into marvelous and completely new clutch which will be a real trend everywhere! Get inspired and you’ll be proud of the end results!

3. Instantly change the color of costume jewelry with nail polish



Change or add a color to your favorite necklace, bracelet or ring by using a nail polish in some super fun color, like pink, blue or even violet?! Why not?! Choose some piece from your jewelry collection, put it on the towel and start painting! You’ll be positively surprised with the transformation!

4. Paint your keys so that you can tell which key is for which lock



If you have a lot of keys, sometimes you can easily get confused about which key goes with what lock! But this won’t be a problem anymore if you use a various nail polishes for various keys, so you’ll never ever get confused about this difficult situation! Plus, that will make your key-chain to look much prettier!

5. Paint your regular bobby pins a vibrant color or with glitter polish to add some color to your hairstyle



Add a little color to your simple hairstyle by using a colorful and glittering bobby pins! Use some shimmering nail polishes in bright colors and paint only the top of your bobby pins with them, so you’ll get your own DIY version of them! Don’t forget to let them dry before you use it in your hair!

6. Seal envelopes with a clear top or base coat



Don’t lick the envelopes anymore and instead of that gross habit use a clear nail polish and paint the underside of the flap, the place you usually lick it!

7. Thread a needle faster by running the thread over a base or top coat



If you have a trouble to sew on a button and the thread is frayed, it can be really irritating to try to fish the thread through the tiny needle hole. But that won’t be a problem anymore, because you can drag the cut thread through the a nail polish brush a few times. This procedure will harden the thread and allow you to slip it right through the needle’s eye with ease.

8. Prevent new costume jewelry from tarnishing with clear nail polish



New piece of jewelry can easily be damaged and change the color in no time if you not treat it in the right way! So, use a clear nail polish and paint the whole surface of the item to prevent it! But, be aware that this doesn’t work on already damaged accessories!

9. Cover up a scratch on scuffed shoes or boots



In time, shoes can become damaged and finding the appropriate shoe polish can be really difficult. But, you can always use a nail polish for this occasion. Before you apply it on shoes, first try it on your nails to check if that’s the color you need!

10. Use nail polish to add a pop of color to the sole of your shoe



Do you like Christian Louboutin high heel trick with the red sole?! You can have your dream shoes without spending any money! Just use the red nail polish and paint the sole of your shoes! Louboutin used the same thing many years ago, he invented this game!


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