Top 10 Free Patterns for Knitting Fingerless Mittens

Keep your hands cozy on a chilly day with a pair of cute fingerless mittens which are a favorite this time of year.  And with Christmas coming, they would make a great, thoughtful, and best of all, handmade gift for your girlfriends. If you know your way around a pair of needles, these will be a breeze to make. Experiment with different colors and yarn fiber types. Take a look at these free knitting patterns to learn how to knit a pair of simple and stylish mittens. Keep your hands and wrists warm, but leave your fingers free to do anything. You can even knit whit these on!

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 ‘Fable’ Mitts

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_01 Knitting Pattern and Photo credit to

Fingerless Mitts with Faux Cables

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_02 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

Fingerless Gloves

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_03 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

Fingerless Mitts with XO Cable

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_04 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

Beginner Fingerless Mitts

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_05 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

Twist Fingerless Glove Pattern

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_06 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

Cafe au Lait Mitts

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_07 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to


Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_08 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

Knitted Wrist Mittens

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_09 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

Long Green Mittens

Free-Mittens-Knitting-Patterns_10 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to

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    1. I wish more mitts were done with straight needles-knitted flat. Double pointed needles take the fun out of knitting and they are horrible to use making a thumb.

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