We’re amazed at all the wonders you can create with needles and some yarn! Next time you need a special gift for a baby shower or if you have little darlings of your own, why don’t you make a couple of these adorable baby booties.

With the temperatures dropping, there’s no better way to keep their little toes toasty warm. We have some free patterns for you to knit or crochet – whichever you prefer – cute booties to slip on your baby’s feet.


A quick tip – it’s smart to make them just a little bit bigger so they can be worn for a longer period of time. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

 Cotton Baby Sandals

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_01 Crochet Pattern and Photo credit to ravelry.com


Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_02  Knitting Pattern and Photo credit to letsknit.co.uk

Converse Booties

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_03 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to ravelry.com

Knitted Baby Booties with Ribbon

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_04 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to baby-knitting-free-patterns.blogspot.com

Baby Slippers

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_05 Crochet  Pattern and Photo credit to www.craftown.com

Kimono Booties

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_06 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to blondinkanet.ru

Crochet Wrap Around Button Baby Boots

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_07 Crochet  Pattern and Photo credit to imtopsyturvy.com

Seamless Bottom-Up Booties

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_08 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to fleeglesblog.blogspot.com

Knitted Baby Booties

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_09 Knitting  Pattern and Photo credit to ravelry.com

Pink Crocheted Booties

Free-Patterns-Knitting-Crocheting-Baby-Booties_10 Crochet  Pattern and Photo credit to megan.cc