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Top 10 Gorgeous Crochet Patterns for Handbags

No woman gets out of the house without her handbag. They are not only useful but also make great accessories for styling up your outfit. But, adding new accessories and handbags to your wardrobe can be quite costly, which is why these crochet projects are offering some creative ways to update your wardrobe cost-effectively.

Create an original accessory by crocheting your own handbag to add to your collection and add a personal touch to your outfit.  We found some patterns to help you out, some of them are free and some you can download, so take out your needle and yarn and start working. Check out ten of our favorite, gorgeous crochet handbag ideas!

Casual Friday Crocheted Bag

Pattern and Tutorial:

This is a simple single crochet stitch bag that can be easily adjusted for any occasion. The leather handle gives it a special charm and the crocheted pattern is just suitable for any formal and not-so-formal event. Make sure you pair it with the right clothing combination to make it shine.

Classic Beach Bag

Pattern and Tutorial:

Since the hot summer days are soon to arrive these days, this cool and practical beach bag is the perfect thing to prepare for the beach. It is easy to make, and the best way to spend your warm spring afternoons is to crochet this bag for the summer. What a great relaxation for outdoors and indoors on a cozy Sunday afternoon.

Sunflower Bag

Pattern and Tutorial:

Crochet handbags are a perfect alternative to other handbags because you can pick out how you want your bag to look and get it designed exactly how you want it. However, you must exercise caution and stick to guiding principles to construct something suitable for yourself.

Morrocan Bag

Pattern and Tutorial:

Because the pattern is for a tote, it does not have a large base. To make a real statement, add leather handles, fabric lining, and a magnetic clasp. Because this is tapestry crochet, it can be difficult on the hands, so if crocheting causes you pain, this pattern may be difficult for you. It is, however, still wonderful.

Crochet Hobo Bag

Pattern and Tutorial:

Sometimes you can get inspired by a very expensive bag that you can’t afford. And that’s ok. But what if you can make that same bag yourself with some free tutorials and a bit of skill? This tutorial and pattern will give you an overview of the best and easiest pattern to create a super cool bag that will give you a million-dollar look.

Violet Bag

Pattern and Tutorial:

Granny squares with flowers served as inspiration for this bag. They are finished first, followed by the rest of the bag being crocheted from them. It’s really sweet, and the pattern is simple to follow. You should make it for yourself, your daughter, or your best friend because it is so lovely. Now all you have to do is choose the right color for the right woman.

Orange Flower Purse

Pattern and Tutorial:

The neutral color scheme of this lovely crochet pattern shop bag is accented with flower orange highlights. This is a lovely and basic design for those who have some experience with crochet designs. For added glam, leather stripes can be used to replace the handles. This bag is beautiful, to begin with, and the pattern becomes easier as you progress.

Seashell Crocheted Purse

Pattern and Tutorial:

This handbag is perfect for summer elegant occasions. It is actually a semi-circled bag with a sea shell design on it. It can be made in any color you want, and it is easy to do even if you are a beginner. Make it for you or our best friend and you can both enjoy it to the maximum.

Raffia Bucket

Pattern and Tutorial:

When you don’t feel like carrying a huge bag, this tiny Raffia Bucket Bag is a great alternative. The leather drawstring and straps complete the look by adding a touch of luxury as if it were straight from a branded luxury designer store. The best part is that this raffia bucket bag is simple to create with this free design that won’t break the bank.

Big Dots Bag

Pattern and Tutorial:

The Big Dots Bag has arrived! This is without a doubt one of our favorites. Everyone is in a happy mood thanks to the relaxing green and blue squares. The leather handles make it look even more opulent, and the soothing effect it has on everyone who sees or wears it is undeniable.

These were the patterns we chose for you. No, it’s up to you to get inspired, get crocheting and tell us about it in the comments below.

28 thoughts on “Top 10 Gorgeous Crochet Patterns for Handbags”

    • Was just going to post the same thing.. Ive been crocheting for over 30 years and will not pay for a pattern, ever. It disturbs me to see people charging 5.00$ and up for so called original patterns that are just a few stitches from something thats been out for years and years

  1. I agree!! I’ve been crocheting for about 45 years and I won’t pay for a pattern either. If they can’t share it with others, then don’t bother to pin it. And what’s with the foreign languages? Can’t Pinterest add English to the pin?

      • The purpose of your comment is? The points that the other posters are making isn’t that English is the only language, rather it’s THEIR language and they would like a site that featured only patterns that were free, and that they could understand. Pinterest could choose to categorize things by language, and that would be very convenient for those who speak a given language or languages.

        • While I agree that it’s more convenient to list patterns as free or commercial (as Ravelry does), one must understand that pinterest has no control over what members pin or don’t pin.
          And I certainly wouldn’t like subjects to be categorized by language, because very often some crafts tutorials are in pictures, many and detailed, easy to understand, therefore I couldn’t care less whether the captions are in Japanese, Russian or whatever. I’m thinking especially about fabric flowers: I’ve found some wonderful East European and East Asian sites with really beautiful and unusual creations. If I had only chosen content filtered by the languages I understand, I would have missed these! Same goes for crafts videos on youtube. Most of the time, an experienced crafter can easily follow without understanding the language.
          And I can relate to what Jo says. The tone of the previous messages gave the vibe that posters were almost scandalized that people from other countries dare to exist and take up place in online communities. I also felt it.

      • Then what ever country it’s in should have a translation for it. I get tired of seeing it in many different languages and yet not one single one for English. Very frustrating and tedious to see something so beautiful and no way to translate it and when you send them a message some of the foreign countries are very rude! I love that we get to see so many different cultures but I too totally agree that the patterns should be free and if you want to sell the patterns then take them to a site strictly for selling patterns.

    • I totally agree !!! I have been crocheting over 50 years not to mention sewing, cross stitch,
      macramé etc. It is very frustrating when you are trying to get to the site for a “FREE”
      pattern only to find that you have to pay for it not to mention that it is in a language that is
      foreign to me. Pinterest is misleading its dedicated followers. I will NOT pay for a
      pattern that probably isn’t original to begin with. If I wanted to pay for patterns I would
      buy the crochet magazines that are available. It should be stated up front that there is a
      charge or that the language is not English.

    • I for one like being able to see it all I have translated patterns that are absolutely gorgeous and have only been crocheting for two years. I would hate to miss out on pins just because they are in a language I do not know.

  2. Pinterest is a love/ hate relationship! I love to see all the gorgeous crochet work and would really
    love to do lots of the pieces. However!!! When they say that there is a pattern, I usually have to
    chase through 7 or 8 sites then never find the pattern anyway. Or like the handbags which says
    “free pattern,” it turns out not to be free at all. I am like you other ladies. Not going to pay an
    outrageous price for one simple pattern which I am sure they did not create. Plus the “other”
    languages! Yes, beautiful stuff, but I think Pinterest should be punished somehow every time
    they put in an item and there is no way for anyone to get a pattern. I am also like you in that
    I am almost 78 and an aunt taught me to crochet when I was about 8. Still love to do it but
    the fingers are getting too stiff and crocked to work every long. Happy stitching to all of you!!!

  3. Looking at the crochet grey purse. It looks like they used single stitch, slip stitch and and a shell stitch. It looks pretty easy to do and if anything you can wing it.

    • The way I see it, it’s a sort of round doily with pineapple design, made in bigger yarn and with a hook bigger than the recommended size. Then they gathered the circumference to make the top, leaving the front centre and back centre of the bag ungathered, while most of the gathers were put at the sides. Then they appliqued an Irish rose with leaves (many tutorials for crochet flowers online), and some beads in the centre.

      • Oops… I now realize that you were referring to the previous grey purse. I was so enamoured of the second one that I didn’t give the first one more than a fleeting glance!

  4. I’ve noticed a lot of times this happens as well. They put “free pattern” but the pattern is no where in sight. I have come to the conclusion that they are hoping you will stumble upon something you just can’t live without and want to buy it anyway…it may work for some people but, I feel if it says it’s a free pattern…it should be free. If it’s not…the ad should be taken off the site because that is false advertising and fraud. Just my opinion though. It’s not like these sites care. They do it to make money not lose money.

  5. Dear Ladies! It is really strange to me to read so many complaints about pinterest and foreign languages.
    First of all Pinterest offers a FREE service to collect and share your favourite sites. They cannot be responsible for each note or comment that people make. But they definitely makes it easier to find good inspiration and in many cases real free patterns. (How many have YOU created and shared by the way?)
    And the comlpaints about “foreign languages” makes me laugh. My mothers tongue is Hungarian but I can speak three other languages including English which are all “foreign” to me. Don’t you think it is weird thinking that English is THE language and all other languages should be considered as foreign? And that pinterest is exclusively for english speaking people?
    Of course there are many sites in different languages that I can’t speak and nobody can speak all languages.
    But there is google translate. And in many cases you can find very good pictures, videos and charts that are easy to understand.
    So please try to be grateful for what you got and add to the community instead of complaining.
    Happy stitching!

  6. If you advertise FREE PATTERNS, it should be on link provided. Otherwise it’s just false advertising! I use free patterns and if it’s not free, I will buy a pattern if it’s affordable and something I really want to make. I don’t have a problem with patterns that aren’t in English, however an English version or translation would be nice. I find nice patterns I wish I could get in English, unfortunately people who pin these don’t care to share with those who only know English. I find it annoying when people pin something and don’t bother checking the link to see if there is a pattern or if it’s free before pinning!

  7. I usually find the stitch out there in something else, usually in afghans or scarves and am able in most cases to adapt it to what I want to make. I don’t pay either with one exception and that was to crochet a bicycle to adorn a hat that was very awesome for a dear friend.

    Another great source for free patterns is I have found a lot of great things on that site. There are a lot of British patterns that have slightly different lingo such as treble for a double crochet. I have found they either explain the differences or finds website that compares the two which are many.

  8. Why are people so grumpy? Why do we have to have everything we see? Can’t we just be inspired and then go forth and see what we can do ourselves, either with other patterns which we adapt or from our own heads. I want to see the work of people in other countries for sure. Also crochet often has charts which can be used in any language. I just enjoy seeing all the crochet, there doesn’t even have to be a pattern. I just enjoy looking anyway. People pin stuff they like, if you like it too then if you want to make it, it is up to you to investigate if you can or want to.

    Not sure why people expect everything for free either. Why do we all feel so entitled? Yes simple patterns are re-invented over and over again, but not more complex ones or those with a personal interpretation. It takes a lot of hard work for people to produce patterns. Do you go to work and not expect any pay? Why should people work hard for you with no pay?! Come on now, don’t be so stingy! And no I am not rich not at all, in fact I am less well off than most but people still deserve payment. If you see something you must have and there is an affordable price for it then why wouldn’t you buy it. Or yes there are lots of free patterns too but that is through good will and it is no ones right to have them.

    • Yes, Yes, Yes. Thanks for saying what you did. It is hard work designing patterns. I don’t design but I appreciate the hard work and time put into designing. I’m not rich either but I can afford to pay for a pattern if I really want it. I love Pinterest just the way it is.

  9. What a bunch of grumps have responded to this (happily a few exceptions!).
    This is not listed as Top 10 “Free” bags, just bags, some are free patterns, some for sale and if it’s not in your language, just consider it inspiration or ideas for something similar that you might make.
    Pinterest covers all kinds of interests, not just freebies and some of the most amazing ideas I have found are not in my language, but WOW! check out the talent/skill level of those who create them.
    It is pretty easy to translate between US and UK crochet terms and plenty of help is available for free. I often use Google translate to get an English version of another language – sometimes this works a treat, sometimes not.
    As for charts – this is on my list of things I want to learn about. Once mastered this opens up another world of gorgeous patterns. So many charts from Japanese and Russian designers for incredibly beautiful/simple/intricate works……and now I have found South American styles….love finding new ideas!
    Also look at the generosity of people who make photo tutorials/videos of “how to”.
    I have sometimes pinned a pattern that was “free” when I first found it, but when I look at it later on, it then needs to be paid for. Or a pattern may be free for those who are members/subscribers to a site. My craft group friends say all this is quite normal.

    To all those who put their patterns up for the world to see I say thank you and if you charge a fee, or have a voluntary donation facility then it is a small price for the amount of work you have put in.

  10. To be fair, it actually does state the patterns as free (though some aren’t). The main title doesn’t, but the link does directly – “topinspired [dot] com/top-10-gorgeous-free-crochet-patterns-for-handbags/2/”. BECAUSE the link does, if one Googles a term like “free crochet bag pattern” – as I did – this is one link that comes up. So, it’s also generating traffic to the site because it says “free”… then you get here and some aren’t (namedly the one I’d been interested in in the first place, in my case :/ ). Though one can’t tell whether they are or aren’t without going through the links provided on each page that gets redirected. It does happen – but it can be quite irritating when it happens.

    Now in MY case, I’d just move on. If I can’t access or read a pattern without a bunch of fuss, I just look for something else, personally. However – imagine your goal is to find a free pattern and lo’ and behold, you find the perfect one. Except you click it, and you can’t read the page (and Google translate is okay, but realistically – as someone who reads more than one language myself – it’s virtually pointless to use unless you already know enough of the language to break it up enough to get Translate to work accurately. Otherwise you mostly just wind up with a mishmash of gobbledygook, more often than not). Then you realize there’s a link to the actual pattern at the bottom – yay! Maybe there’s a chart, or photos, or a video you can use…. except the link goes to another site where you find out it’s not a free pattern after all.

    It’s not a sense of entitlement, either. It’s just a lot of unmet expectations in a short time period and more work to go through than one initially intends or is even aware of being necessary – only to arrive back at the start point with nothing to show for it. In some cases just loading the page even eats data usage unnecessarily – especially on mobile devices where a person’s data might be limited, and they just wasted it loading a bunch of photo-heavy pages just to, again, get nowhere fast.

    I agree people are rather grumpy in the comments here – and some I actually find snooty (especially whining about English, b/c I agree w/ some others than English isn’t the only language of worth in the world and occasionally patterns can be followed just fine w/o it) – but I honestly can’t blame them for venting their aggravation with the situation, either. I also am not the type to buy patterns – I’d make my own before buying one, usually. I’d have to REALLY, desperately want it to buy it, b/c frankly they just cost too much after a while. It adds up and that’s money I could be using for materials instead – or, y’know, bills and food to live. I’m also using my phone for internet, so yeah – a little warning would have been nice, won’t lie and say it doesn’t irk me a bit.

    Just saying there’s middle ground here. Yes, some comments are ridiculous. But they aren’t pointless or without some merit, either.


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