We use our keys every single day, and each day more than once. So, instead of leaving them dangling on a plain key ring, why don’t you make them stylish and add some charm with a fabulous keychain. You can actually make it yourself, it would be more fun that way and less expensive. Get to work and make something cute and decorative to hold your keys. They make great accessories and you can use some of them as a charm for your bag. It’s also a great handmade gift idea for your friends and family! Pick your favorite from the list and check out the tutorial to see how to make it.

Faux Fur Keychains

fabulous-diy-keychains_01DIY Tutorial via freepeople.com

Leather Tassels

fabulous-diy-keychains_02DIY Tutorial via missrenaissance.com

Halloween Jack Skellington Keychain

fabulous-diy-keychains_03DIY Tutorial via littlethingsblogged.com

Monogrammed Leather Keychain

fabulous-diy-keychains_04DIY Tutorial via thesweetestoccasion.com

Whimsical Keychains

fabulous-diy-keychains_05DIY Tutorial via livingwithpunks.com

Pink Elephant Keychain

fabulous-diy-keychains_06DIY Tutorial via les-cherubins.blogspot.com

Mustache Keychain

fabulous-diy-keychains_07DIY Tutorial via etsyrussianteam.blogspot.com

Wristlet Key Fob

fabulous-diy-keychains_08DIY Tutorial via prudentbaby.com

Wood Beads Keychain

fabulous-diy-keychains_09DIY Tutorial via unikarina.dk

Anthropologie Inspired Keychain

fabulous-diy-keychains_10DIY Tutorial via craftsunleashed.com