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Top 10 Wonderful DIY Paper Ornaments

There are two more weeks till the big holiday and now it’s a real time to decorate your Christmas tree with some adorable and unique ornaments. Every year we buy a lot of the special ornaments, but this Christmas is the perfect time to make them by yourself, because the decorations we make with our own hands can often become the most cherished. There are so many ways to make an ornament on your own, but in this article we’ve gathered only those which are made from paper. Scroll down, choose a perfect project for you and  add a handmade accent to your Christmas tree!

Paper Ornaments for the Family Traditions Tree

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_01DIY Tutorial via

Paper Mache Shadowbox Ornament

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_02DIY Tutorial via

DIY Christmas Ornaments

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_031DIY Tutorial via

Patterned-Paper Tree Ornament

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_04DIY Tutorial via

Paper-Stuffed Christmas Ornament

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_05DIY Tutorial via

Decorated Paper Mache Christmas Ornament

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_06DIY Tutorial via

Antique Music Paper Ornaments

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_07DIY Tutorial via

DIY Paper-Covered Ornaments

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_08DIY Tutorial via

Sheet Music Christmas Tree Ornaments

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_09DIY Tutorial via

3D Paper Ball Ornaments

adorable-diy-paper-christmas-ornament_10DIY Tutorial via

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