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Top 10 DIY Projects with Coffee Beans

There is nothing better than waking up to the scent of freshly made coffee in the morning. Well, at least for coffee lovers. Even those who prefer tea to coffee will admit that the coffee scent is irreplaceable good and soothing. And if you want that aroma to be extra strong, you have to grind your coffee beans every morning. That freshly ground coffee smell is pure perfection.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get some coffee beans that aren’t quite to your liking or someone gave you a bag of coffee beans, but you prefer tea. What to do with old coffee beans? That’s why we’re here today with our list of the 10 best coffee bean projects you can find.

If you’re looking for some fun crafting projects that will keep you busy for a couple of hours, then you should definitely think about trying some of these projects. But, before we start, keep in mind that the list has projects with whole coffee beans only. While roughly grounded coffee beans are very versatile and can be found in various crafts as well as DIY products and hacks. Since we cleared that out, let’s look at what amazing projects you can make with coffee beans.

Coffee Mug


Starting of with a coffee mug. What’s so special about a coffee mug? unlike your usual coffee mugs that hold your coffee, this mug can hold anything else, while looking beautiful covered in coffee beans. The technique shown in this project will also work on other boring objects you might want to decorate with old coffee beans, so make sure you check it out.

Sunflower Wreath With Coffee Beans


Looking for a way to make a felt sunflower more realistic? Unless you have some real sunflower seeds to glue on there, then the next best thing is coffee beans. This gorgeous sunflower wreath is very easy to make and it will be a great decor addition for various occasions or events.

Resin Embedded Coffee Bean Storage Jar


Rasin crafts are becoming more and more popular these days because if you have the right mold, you can make almost anything fairly easily. If you’re starting out or are a pro at creating handicrafts with rasin, then you simply must filling some mold with coffee bean and making a rasin item out of it. You can do coasters, caps, or whatever else you can think off.

Burlap Art Work with Coffee Beans


Real coffee lovers can definitely appreciate this type of art. there’s something about burlap and coffee that go just so well together. So if you’re in the mood to perk up your walls, you can try an easy coffee bean art piece, siting your favorite word or quote or nothing at all. It’s your choice.

Gold Coffee Beans


You might have seen homemade candles with coffee in them so they can smell like coffee while the candle is burning. Don’t do that. While it looks good, once the flame hits the beans they would burn, releasing a not so pleasant smell. So if you want the coffee aroma when you lit your scentless candle, place the coffee beans in a separate bowl around the candle. the heat will warm the beans releasing that coveted coffee smell.

Hard Lotion Bars


Now, using whole coffee beans in this capacity is all right. The rough texture of the beans will give you a little bit of exfoliating treatment when using this product, just remember that some beans might fall off and it can get a bit messy. Fun project to try, though.

Bean Ornaments


When we think of Christmas ornaments we don’t think of coffee, but that shouldn’t stop us for making some coffee ornaments. Fill clear Christmas ornaments with coffee beans and you’ve got yourself some fine party favors, stocking stuffers, or just plain old decorations to add to any occasion.

Coffee Beans Pendants


There are more and more food-themed jewelry going around, which is usually made by very skilled jewelry makers and crafters usually from some kind of clay. You don’t have to be a skilled crafter to own your own coffee-themed jewelry, because you already have some nice finished pendants or earrings from real coffee beans. Just be careful placing the jewelry findings, since the coffee beans might crumble.

Mason Jar Coffee Lamp


We mentioned that when you heat coffee beans with a candle they release that sweet coffee aroma. Bu if you’re not so much into candles, this project just might be up your alley, giving you almost the same effect while having a nice feature on your sidetable.

Succulent Plant Vase Filler


Coffee has many nutritional benefits for plants, even for succulent that are quite resilient plants. If you’re looking for something to make your decorative plants pop out, then you can definitely try filling the top of the gas vase with some coffee beans. It will look beautiful and it’s good for the plants.

That’s all the projects we have for you today. Which project was your favorite? If you have more interesting ideas on how to use coffee beans or just want to share your thoughts, you can share them with everyone in the comments.

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