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Top 10 Best DIY Scarfs

As we are approaching summer but, nights are still rather chili, why not take advantage as we all know and love the outdoors. Especially after being tucked away for the best part of a year!

So, time to get out a bit and time to look after that neck of yours as we would hate you having to spend more time indoors! Here are some great examples that you can make scarfs at home while having a good cup of tea, relaxing surrounded by your favorite music, and knit away (but not always some are too easy)!

Make yourself a little fashion DIY accessory that will make others look twice they will look that good.

No-Sew DIY Scarf



Got an old t-shirt? Sure you have. We all have these t-shirts lying around that we have sworn to throw away for the best part of many years! But we always end up wearing them at home…or for dusting! What’s brilliant about this one, is that you won’t even have to get your knitting tool kit out! As long as you have a pair of scissors, and something circular, you are good to go. That really is it! Oh, and a rather large t-shirt. Look around, we know you’ve got one somewhere!

Easy Knotted Scarf



For the rather adventurous, which will demand a little more than our first scarf! However, if you wish to have that “where did you get your scarf from – it looks so good” question, then you ought to go for it. It will look superb, with the choice of colors that will best suit your character and personality. Get some yarn out, a couple of colors will do just fine, and start this medium complex tutorial that you will not regret.

T-Shirt Scarves



If you have a wardrobe full of unloved t-shirts from the 90s that you feel saddened to abandon, fear not, we have your emotions covered! It’s always nice to look after our wardrobe a little while upcycling old t-shirts or large fabrics in general. Why throw away if you have the time to do something unique and save the pennies and, doing your bit for the planet as well. Sounds too good to be true but it isn’t. Get creative with this one, and get a refreshed look for yourself for pretty much free of charge!

Super Simple DIY Scarf



You have an hour to spare and you really have no wish to put the TV on as you have already binged watched every series known to man? You wish to set the trend and show off your skills to your friends? Maybe you wish to add a little color to your life as you are tired of beiges, blacks, and any other ordinary-looking colors within your wardrobe? Then a little deep orange splash never killed anyone. Or any other deep colors embracing the sunshine for that matter. Get some lace and gain self-confidence in the process.

Braided Infinity Scarf



This link will showcase the fashion designer in you that was dormant all this time. And unbelievably, the results are crazy good. It will, or should anyway, look fresh from the shelf. Looks beautiful and will accessorize you really well. No need for much done to yourself before going out, just put this little number around your neck and you are beautifully done, simply and naturally; making everyone envious in the process. You might receive orders after this one!

Cowl Scarfs from Old Sweaters



Does your partner have oldish sweater shirts that you love wearing around the house as they were part of your PJ collection? And, he’s alright with it (not that he has a choice in the matter anyway)? Well then, let him know that you won’t need to burn his credit card today, but you’ll need something from him. Or heck, surprise him don’t tell him! So, get a nice comfy sweatshirt you’ve fancied for a while, and make yourself a nice scarf from it. You deserved it. Tell him to thank you.

“Wrapped in Bows” Scarf



Wish to treat your little one to something super lovely to add such a nice explosive touch to her looks? Wish to put a fat smile on her face seeing those lovely little teeth of hers? Look no further. This creation she would love, especially because her mama made it! If you have a son, then honestly, the same thing. Works for both sexes just fine. And they will look dead trendy too – just perhaps not with bows but think outside the box! Really rather simple to do and create that won’t take that much time. A couple of hours if, should do it.

No Knit Scarf



A little yarn, a little velcro, perhaps a little glue too, and scissors, and well, you have everything to hand to create this magnificent, no knit scarf! Knitting isn’t for all of us, but fashion could be closer to home. Let the artist in you out and make something beautiful. Why not make something for a loved one too? The nights are still chili and we could all use one of these. In fact, feel free to show us your creation – get in touch!

Restyled Scarf



If where you are from, the sun does not always bless you with its warmth, then you might consider this. Scarves are your best friends when the cold winds tickle your neck with what seems like little microscopic ice cubes! This project will require very simple techniques so do not worry, it will be relatively easy to do but look absolutely fabulous once the finished item is ready. It will take time, but then again this could serve as a little time in the process away from the daily chores.

Buttoned Up Infinity Scarf



Expensive does not mean it will look good. Super complicated does not mean it will look awesome either. It is all in simplicity, and some say, it is in the smart art of working less to gain more rather than working more for less. Chances are, this version of a scarf will look great on you. We love the simplicity of it, with an end product that looks really, really good. Once again, if you can upcycle some old-ish stuff then great. Even the old buttons can be recycled from a once-loved outfit. Everything is to be kept, we never know when we might need them.

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