Top 10 DIY Shorts

Shorts are must-have for summer days, so it is very good idea to make some creative shorts in the comfort of your home. We all know and enjoy the trick of getting a scissors and cutting an old pair of jeans or skirts that are sitting useless in our closets, and transforming them to cute shorts, but why stop there?? Now you can decorate them, and add what ever you like, from colored ropes, wire, buttons or zippers, denim, sequins, silk and lace, stripes, florals, dots, leopard, tie-dye, aztec and everything in between. The good thing is that you and no one else in the world are going to have the unique shorts that you like. I can garant you that the process will be fun and inspiring, and the result will satisfy you and make you smile. Good luck!

 Jeans and Lace

12via nouvellevaguebynaiara

Ombre Shorts


Torn Jeans


Rainbow Shorts


White Lace Shorts


Tribal Print

62via Kensi Webel

Pink Leopard Print


Scallop Shorts


Scarf Shorts


Tie Dye Shorts


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