Top 10 DIY Vase Decorations

Bring a part of nature into your home and fill the house with a smell of fresh flowers. But instead of putting them in a plain vase that’s boring to look at, embellish your old vases to extend the beauty of their contents. Be creative and turn an ordinary glass or ceramic vase into an amazing piece of decor. And you can even use cans, decorate them and make a perfect storing place for your fragrant flowers. Take a look at these different ways to decorate vases and make unique accents for your home. Will you be taking on any of these projects?

Gilded Vase

diy-vase-decorations_01DIY Tutorial via

Wood Chips Vase

diy-vase-decorations_02DIY Tutorial via

Lucky Penny Vase

diy-vase-decorations_03DIY Tutorial via

Glitter Vases

diy-vase-decorations_04DIY Tutorial via

Frosted Vase

diy-vase-decorations_05DIY Tutorial via

Rock Vase

diy-vase-decorations_06DIY Tutorial via

Paper Wrapped Vases

diy-vase-decorations_07DIY Tutorial via

Christmas Twig Vase

diy-vase-decorations_08DIY Tutorial via

Shell Vase

diy-vase-decorations_09DIY Tutorial via

Burlap Vases

diy-vase-decorations_10DIY Tutorial via

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