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Top 10 DIY Vase Decorations

Making your home more pleasant and beautiful doesn’t have to be a daunting project or a chore. A few simple items can make all the difference, and the most commonly used among them is a stylish vase with some fresh fragrant flowers. While this interior decorating choice might seem old-fashioned, the reason why it’s still so popular is that it serves the dual purpose of creating a relaxing atmosphere and creates its pleasing for both your sight and smell.

The choice of flowers is usually the easy part of this project since most of us go for our favorite fresh flowers or with faux plowers that seem most suitable for the room they’ll be placed in. The other part, choosing the right vase can sometimes cause more problems than we might realize. Any container can be turned into a vase, from a mason jar to a tin can, but they might diminish the beauty of the flowers put in them. That is why choosing the ideal vase plays such a big role in home decor.

So if you want to do your flowers justice, you’ll need a suitable vase, which doesn’t mean that it’s time to go shopping. In fact, you might already have something at home that will suit your needs perfectly. With just a few materials, some creativity, and a pinch of help from some of our tutorials, you can enjoy your favorite bouquet of flowers in a vase that does them justice.

Let’s take a look at some enjoyable vase projects you can create today.

Gilded Vase


In recent years, some gold decor pieces a bit tacky, but people still like them so they continue to find their way in some modern homes. You don’t need to go and buy expensive gilded pieces, merely gold paint and you can turn any old glass vase or container into a lavish vase with a pattern of your choice.

Wood Chips Vase


For a more rustic and natural look, you can’t go wrong with wood. To make things more interesting, instead of using pieces of wood or sticks, for more color and texture you should go with wood chips. You can cut them from branches or get them from a supply store, either way, this is a fun and relaxing project, and you’ll end up with a darling wood mosaic-like vase.

Frosted Vase


Some people think that if a vase is too colorful it takes away from the beauty of the flowers, or they just prefer a more basic look. A nicely shaped glass vase is a perfect choice then, but you could go a step further and add just a bit of texture, by using a few rubber bands and stained glass spray paint. You’ll be very pleased with the result.

Antique Vase


People love keeping one or two antique pieces at home because it adds a bit of history to the home if nothing else. Also, antiques usually are very intricate and well-crafted items, that can also put quite a dent in your budget. There are ways to have some antique-looking items without anyone realizing that they really aren’t that old. Like these very pretty, very painted vases, that truly look like they’re from a few decades or even centuries ago.

Plastic Spoon Vase


When decorating with vases you can experiment with different materials and textures, even repurposing items you’d never thought could be turned into a vase, like plastic spoons. Spons can’t hold flowers, but their teardrop shape is perfect for making a plain, old vase blossom into a masterpiece.

Colorful Rope Vase


Yarn rope is a common material used for different projects where the end result is getting a more rustic or nautical look. Rope-wrapped projects don’t actually scream “modern”, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be turned into such. And achieving that effect is as simple as adding a few bright neon lines to the rope project. Isn’t this simple difference amazing?

Marble Planters


We all love marble patterns, which is why we try to recreate them on different items, accessories, and even our nails. We want that marble look on the kitchen counters or even the tables, but have you considered how a marble vase would look like at your home? No, you don’t have to search high and low for a marble vase, because you need just any type of container and marble pattern contact paper.

Seashell Vase


We mentioned a nautical look, and if you’re going for that beach feel to your home, you must have some item or decorative piece with shells. A shell covered planter with some green plants inside will make you feel like you’re on the beach all year long.

Driftwood Vase


Another dual-themed project you won’t regret trying is this driftwood-covered vase. It works well with nautical, rustic, or even earthy design. The project itself is quite fun and easy, and does make any flower you pit in look that much better.

Paper Origami Vase Cover


For our last project, we offer you a more modern, geometric vase look, and it is made out of paper. How would paper hold water, you might ask. Well, it is actually a paper cover that transforms the vase or container into a pretty modern, geometric vase. It looks so good you can’t even tell that it’s paper.

That’s all the projects we have for now. We hope these gorgeous vases inspired you to transform some of your old and forgotten flower-holders and transform them into something you’d be proud to display in your home. What is your favorite project? Share with us your ideas and suggestions in the comments.

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