Top 10 Amazing Knitting Patterns

Whit the temperature falling and the autumn all around us, we are starting to really need some warmer clothes. What’s better than a warm cozy sweater, a shawl or a hat that keeps our ears from the cold? Those who love knitting as much as we do will be thrilled with these Top 10 Amazing Knitting Patterns that we are sharing today – especially because they are all totally free. We tried to choose something for everyone – even the smallest ones. No matter if you will knit something for your self or for a gift, the final product will surely make you happy.

Creamsicle Shawlette


free pattern credit to

Little House Shawl


free pattern credit to

Rectangly Hat


free pattern credit to

Baby In Bloom Hats


free pattern credit to

Cable Ready Bag


free pattern credit to

Super quick ribbed scarf knitting pattern


free pattern credit to

Otto Day Cardigan


free pattern credit to

Kanoko Pants


free pattern credit to

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57 Responses

  1. My mum nits all the time, if I can get the patten printed im sure she would make you one as she loves doing things like this! Xxx

  2. that might be good idea i can knit but i do start stuff then never finish it get distracted by the next big thing LOL its says they are free paterns but that dosent seem so hope your doing ok luv ya take care xxx

  3. Google this similar pattern :owl bulky hat.pdf – available for download to a PDF. Happy Knitting

  4. Or here:

  5. The Chouette are free just click on the name (Ekaterina Blanchard under the picture and up c0mes the pattens, hope this helps

  6. I really want to have the owl pattern. I can’t find it anywhere. Is there someone who can help me?

  7. could u kindly send me the pattern as well please . I would so love to knit this for my grand son pretty please.

    Thanking u Sharon Walker.:)

  8. I have tried all the links for the owl hat but none of them work for me.
    Could you send me the pattern?
    That would make my day.
    Thanks a million,

  9. There are 8 patterns and not 10 as stated and of course the owl pattern is not there, I would willingly pay for this pattern but sadly nowhere to be found, ah well that’s life.

  10. The owl hat pattern, please. My great granddaughter loves owls. For that matter I do too.
    I have been trying for the last 45 minutes to find it.

  11. It’s on ravelry, i bought a copy some time ago. Its a katytricot design, its fab … worth every penny…. I cant afford many patterns/wool etc but kate davies owl jumper and katy tricot owl hat (both on ravelry) are worth a little treat if you can manage it… best of luck

  12. for anyone looking for the owl pattern, here it is! Sending the link is easy . maybe someone who has the pattern could share?

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