Whit the temperature falling and the autumn all around us, we are starting to really need some warmer clothes. What’s better than a warm cozy sweater, a shawl or a hat that keeps our ears from the cold? Those who love knitting as much as we do will be thrilled with these Top 10 Amazing Knitting Patterns that we are sharing today – especially because they are all totally free. We tried to choose something for everyone – even the smallest ones. No matter if you will knit something for your self or for a gift, the final product will surely make you happy.

Creamsicle Shawlette

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_01free pattern credit to loveofknitting.com

Little House Shawl

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_02free pattern credit to rhythmofthehome.com

Rectangly Hat

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_03free pattern credit to spinstarcreations.wordpress.com

Baby In Bloom Hats

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_05free pattern credit to fiberflux.blogspot.com

Cable Ready Bag

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_06free pattern credit to lionbrand.com

Super quick ribbed scarf knitting pattern

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_07free pattern credit to brennneda.blogspot.com

Otto Day Cardigan

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_08free pattern credit to threadandladle.com

Kanoko Pants

top-10-amazing-knitting-patterns_09free pattern credit to ymymmytm.blogspot.com