The famous Roman politician, orator and philosopher Cicero once said: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”. Buying books and arranging them in the house isn’t a hard task, but having a garden requires your time and attention. Because of that, many decide to live in apartments or to simply not take care of the already existing garden.

Whether you’re this person or the opposite, this spring you can change things a little bit and try the vertical garden. Wondering how would that look like?

Check out the ten ideas presented below. Some of them are really easy and relatively cheap, while other may ask for more. Go ahead, read the rest and be inspired!

1. Vertical Clay Pots Garden



For this project you need wooden pole or dowel, four clay pots, 10 zip ties or more, flowers and potting soil. Start by measuring and cutting your pole to fit snugly under the deck railing. You can do this between the slats or in front of them. Tightly attach two zips to the pole at the bottom about an inch up. Place the first pot above them and make sure it touches the pole. Swivel it on left and be careful not to let the pot slip out of its position. Add the soil and plant the flowers in way that it won’t mess the order with the next pots.

To place the following pots, just repeat the steps with the zips above the bottom pot.