Top 10 Easy DIY Decorations To Make During the Last Weekend Before Christmas

It’s last weekend before Christmas Eve and we’re all excited about that. There is Christmas spirit everywhere around us, because every street, every house and every city square is perfectly decorated for that reason.

If you still haven’t made some holiday decor or you want to add more decorations, then you don’t have much time for that, because this big christian holiday will be here for four days. Actually, this is the last free weekend you have before the big family celebration and you must use your time smartly and productively.

We’ve made a list of Top 10 DIY Easy Decorations which represent this season in a festive, jolly way.

Why don’t you bring your family at your living room and start making some of these adorable ornaments, snow globes, and stockings together?! It’ll be definitely interesting!

Candy Cane Ornament

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_01DIY Tutorial via

Awesome DIY Christmas Garland

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_02DIY Tutorial via

From Sweater to Christmas Stocking Tutorial

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_03DIY Tutorial via

Patterned-Paper Tree Ornament

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_04DIY Tutorial via

Car in a Jar Snow Globe

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_05DIY Tutorial via

DIY Quick Christmas Centerpiece

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_06DIY Tutorial via

Christmas Tree Canvas

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_07DIY Tutorial via

Glass Beaded Trees

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_08DIY Tutorial via

Christmas Branch Topiary Tutorial

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_09DIY Tutorial via

Hanging Evergreen Bough Basket

easy-christmas-decoration-last-weekeind_10DIY Tutorial via

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