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Top 10 Famous Rabbits Not Named The Easter Bunny

We all know the Easter Bunny. He is the most famous rabbit in the world. But what are some other popular rabbits? How many do you know? Well, if you watch cartoons, you will recognize most of the names on this list.

Hollywood has had quite a few bunnies. We have to start with Bugs Bunny, the iconic Looney Tunes character, but others also have.

This might come as a pleasant surprise, but you will see how many bunnies have made their mark in television and movie history. Who would have thought bunnies play such a big role in the business, right?

Of course, do not expect to see the Playboy Bunny here. It is a logo, but a famous one, we have to admit. Let’s go.

White Rabbit – Alice in Wonderland


Who can forget the “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late” phrase, right? The White Rabbit causes Alice to fall into wonderland. She follows him down the rabbit hole. This phrase “down the rabbit hole” has earned its iconic status as well.

Basically, now the phrase describes getting trapped in a crazy and inescapable task. The White Rabbit runs all the time through Wonderland, saying he is late. But what is he late for? We seldom find out.

And it feels like he doesn’t speak anything else. But he does, running close by Alice on the riverbank, he apologies saying, “Oh dear, oh dear”.

Thumper – Bambi


You will have a hard time finding a cuter supporting character in any cartoon. Thumper is Bambi’s bestie. The fictional rabbit character appears in both movies, Bambi and Bambi II. Named for his habit of thumping his left hindfoot. You can also find him at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

Thumper teaches Bambi to walk on ice, a rather difficult task for the young deer. His signature phrase is “That’s why they call me thumper”. He also has one of the most adorable love scenes on the screen, when he falls in love with Miss Bunny after spotting her.

Roger Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Most fans remember this movie by his spouse, the sexy-looking Jessica Rabbit. Her dress and looks have served as inspiration for women since the movie came out.

He first appeared in the book, Who Censored Roger Rabbit, and in a comic later on. But we all remember him through his movie appearance, in the 1988 live-action animated movie by Disney.

Peter Rabbit

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English author Beatrix Potter created the famous jacket-wearing, veggie-stealing Peter Rabbit. He hit the big scene after that, introducing himself to a new generation of fans. For many people, Peter remains one of their favorite kid’s movie characters.

But Peter is more than a kid’s character. He is perfect for the whole family. The acting and GGI are amazing. The moral of the story and the movie is that you should always listen to your parents.

In the books, Peter idolizes his father who dies multiple times in the TV series.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit


Oswald remains one of the biggest “what if” questions in the history of television and animation. Created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney in the 1920s, he was one of their first animated characters with personality.

Oswald is the first Disney character to have his own series. But sadly, Disney lost the rights to Oswald in 1928. That is why Walt Disney and Ub created Mickey Mouse. If Oswald remained at Disney, we might have had a different history.

The studio reacquired the rights to Oswald in 2006. But his time for shinning on the big screen passed. During the 1920s, Disney and Iwerks produced 26 cartoons before losing the rights to the character in a contract dispute with Universal.

Universal continued to produce Oswald cartoons, but they couldn’t match the popularity of Mickey Mouse. After they lost Oswald, Disney and Iwerks created Mickey Mouse. The rest is history.

Energizer Bunny


This bunny appears as a pink mechanical toy rabbit in the marketing icon and mascot of Energizer batteries in North America. He wears sunglasses and blue and black striped flip-flops. The shade-sporting bunny ruled the commercial break during the 1980s and 1990s.

Like the product he markets, the Energizer Bunny kept going and going and going and going. To this day, his slogan and tagline remain one of the most subtly brilliant aspects of the campaign. The evolving tagline “Keep going and going” keeps going thanks to the Energizer Bunny. In 1999, one decade after his launch, he got named one of the top brand icons of the century.

In September 2016, the company switched its advertising agency and introduced a more expressive bunny. The one is slimmer and has more facial expressions.  But he keeps his signature drum, dark sunglasses, and flip-flops.

Bugs Bunny


Ehhh, what’s up Doc? Who doesn’t know this catchphrase? Bugs Bunny is one of the most iconic characters in animation. He is the most recognizable character in the Looney Tunes series. Leon Schlesinger Productions, later Warner Bros Cartoons created him in the late 1930s. Mel Blanc voiced him originally.

The anthropomorphic gray and white rabbit has a flippant and insouciant personality. Fun fact: he has a characteristic Brooklyn accent. Between 1940 and 1964, he starred in more than 160 cartoon shorts. Since then, he has also appeared in compilation movies, TV series, comics, feature films, video games, music records, amusement park rides, and everything in between.

Bugs has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Snowball – The Secret Life of Pets


Let’s move to more recent famous bunnies. Snowball is a true star of the movie The Secret Life of Pets. And with the voice of Kevin Hart, he definitely shines throughout the movie.

Snowball is the youngest bunny on our list. He made his debut in 2016 in the movie The Secret Life of Pets. He begins his story hating humans and loves to conquer the world, but everything changes when he meets Molly, the little girl who adopts him.

Rabbit – Winnie the Pooh


This guy has the simplest name of everyone on the list, Rabbit. He appears as a fictional character in Winnie the Pooh, as one of the closest friends of Winnie. Rabbit is a practical character with a tendency to take the lead. But the results rarely come up as he intends.

He also has an Obsessive-compulsive disorder, making him funnier and more interesting for the public.

Skippy Rabbit – Robin Hood


Skippy is a 7-year-old rabbit living with his mother and siblings. As the oldest boy in the family, he has to take care of them during rough times. In the animated movie, he first appears with his sisters and friend, Toby Turtle.

The young boy idolizes Robin Hood, and at the end of the movie, he helps Robin. Skippy is only the second character in the movie not based on a character in the original story. The other one is Lady Kluck.

Lola Bunny


We have to have a woman on the list. And Lola Bunny definitely deserves a spot on any list of celebrity rabbits. She is also an anthropomorphic rabbit.

She first appeared in the movie Space Jam, as a love interest of Bugs Bunny. Since then, she continues appearing in other Looney Tunes short movies and feature films.

Author Kevin Sandler describes her personality as a combination of the Hawksian woman, tomboy, and femme fatale archetypes. The tough-talking and no-nonsense woman will appear in the Space Jam 2 movie as well. This time, Zendaya will voice the character.

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