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Top 10 Homemade Detox Water For Your Morning Routine

We all know that drinking a lot of water during the day is so beneficial for your health. It is your body’s best beauty elixir. Since your body is about 70 % water, drinking 8-10 glasses per day is important because every cell in your body needs it.

It helps you to be more concentrated and focused and you will be surprised at the high level your energy will be. It keeps your skin moisturized and glow and your hair strong and fresh. But, if you are bored of the simple taste, we recommend you add some fresh fruits or vegetables to satisfy your taste needs. And believe it or not, it will help you to flush out all the toxins from your body system.

Here are the top ten homemade detox water for your morning routine.

Mint And Lemon Water



All you have to do is to clean the mint leaves and put them on the bottom of the pitcher. Cut the lemon on to slices. Fill it out with water and ice and leave it in a fridge for few hours. It is so refreshing and a great beverage. Perfect for fat burning!

Watermelon Water



Drinking watermelon water is one of the best detoxification processes. To make the drink, just cut watermelon on slices and add some mint leaves and ice cubes. Ready!

Cucumber Water



It is hydrating and it cleans your body. Cucumber water is a great start of the day! It contains a 1/2 cucumber, a handful of mint leaves and lemon slices. It is great for your digestive system too!

Strawberry Water



Easy to make and so delicious! It is low in calories, don’t worry. Just cut up some strawberries and add water and ice. You can always use some mint leaves too. Make your own summer and healthy drink!

Ginger Water



Having the flu? Don’t worry. Ginger water is so effective and works like a natural remedy. Cut half ginger onto pieces, muddle it and fill it out with water and squeezed lemon juice.

Grapefruit Water



Grapefruit water may help your body reduce fat. It is rich in vitamin C and is an excellent detox beverage. Cut the grapefruit onto wedges, add ice and mint leaves by choice.

Lime Water



Amazing refreshment! You don’t have to worry about the hot weather if you carry a bottle of lime water with you! Lime is a fruit that comes with a lot of advantages and one of the greatest is that it will clean all the toxins in your body.

Apple Cinnamon Water



All the important vitamins and minerals in one delicious beverage. Put the apple slices in the pitcher and add the cinnamon sticks. Drink before meals!

Berry Water



Do you want to impress your friends by serving them this amazing and fresh beverage? You can all together enjoy the healthy benefits that are coming with it. Muddle the berries, add ice and water. Cheers!

Orange Water



If you are too lazy to squeeze the oranges in the morning, here is a better option. Cut the oranges into slices and fill the bottle with them. Now you are ready to go to your job.

The Cocktail Water



Here you have all the freedom. You can add all the fruits by your choice and enjoy the flavor. No bananas please unless you want a salad. We just made one and it’s so tasty!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Homemade Detox Water For Your Morning Routine”

    • You just have to remove the fruits from the water. The water will be fine. If you leave the fruits in for more than 7 hours, the fruits will start to turn bad and it wouldn’t be nice.

  1. Well you have just made my day. I have this unexplainable aversion to water in the a.m. Not everyday. But some. And I want my water in me first thing. Well here we go. Grapefruit and cucumber – hello!!! Two of my fav things in the world. I’m so happy. Thank you. Mary

  2. Can I just add apples and oranges to my water and it be fine? Because I looked up a detox water recipe for apples and orange and it told me to add some things I didn’t have so what should I do?

  3. I tried these detox drinks and works perfectly. It helps me to feel better and looks better. I also recommend everyone to try these recipes at least one time.

    Thanks for sharing these recipes.


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