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How To Extend The Life Of Your Transmission

The transmission is a very important part of the car and advanced transmission repair or replacement can be pricey. Luckily, there are many steps you can take to extend the life of the transmission to minimize the risks of costly repairs. 

If you own a car, make sure to follow the tips in this article so you can have a well-operating transmission in your car and you can avoid having to spend a huge chunk of cash to get the transmission fixed or replaced. 

Always Check The Transmission Fluid 

All transmissions in cars use transmission fluid which helps to lubricate and cool the transmission. It also ensures that there is no build-up of debris in the transmission. Sometimes, the transmission fluid can get low or it can get old. 

When the fluid is too low, the transmission can overheat. By checking the transmission fluid to ensure it’s clean and not too low, you can ensure the transmission doesn’t overheat or have other issues. 

Most car experts recommend you check the transmission fluid about once a month. You will need to take out the dipstick and check the levels. Bad transmission liquid often appears opaque rather than clear red color. 

It also shouldn’t have an odor so if you smell something bad while examining it, this could be a sign the fluid has gone bad. 

Service The Transmission Regularly

It’s recommended you service your transmission every 30,000 miles. If you service your transmission on time, it should be able to last you about 300,000 miles without needing any repairs or a replacement. 

During a service, the transmission fluid will be replaced with new and clean liquid. The old fluid will be drained out and the pan under the transmission will be thoroughly cleaned. 

They will also replace the filter before putting in a new fluid. The new filter is able to trap dirt better which allows the transmission to operate better and not overeat. 

Changing the transmission fluid is one of the best things you can do for your transmission because it allows the component to operate on a completely new liquid. 

While some people avoid this maintenance because it can cost about $100, keep in mind that spending $100 every 30,000 miles is far less money than what you would spend on replacing or repairing the transmission. 

Sometimes, the cost of replacing the liquid is even less than $100. It depends on the car you have and the place you get it serviced. 

Keep The Cooling System In Good Shape 

When the car’s radiator or engine overheats, it can also cause the transmission to overheat or have a number of other issues. 

Just like the transmission, the performance of the radiator needs to be assessed from time to time to ensure it’s doing its job well. Most of the time, you need to get your radiator serviced about every two years. 

During a service, the coolant levels will be checked and the antifreeze will be replaced. The service people will also check all the belts and hoses to make sure they are in good condition. 

You can also ask them to check the radiator cap and do a thermostat check. If you drive in a place where the weather is very hot and feel like the radiator is more at risk of overheating, you can consider using a transmission cooler. 

Driving in heavy traffic can also cause issues with internal parts of the car overheating so it might be a good idea to have a transmission cooler in these cases as well. 

Always Use Synthetic Fluid 

Synthetic fluid has better properties than ordinary fluid that you can put in the car. Synthetic fluids are preferred because they are better at resisting heat. When you have too much heat in the transmission, it can break down the compounds in the fluid which causes it to break down and not work as well. 

Keep in mind that synthetic fluid is more costly and this is why people tend to choose ordinary fluid. However, by using synthetic fluid you can expand the life of the transmission and spend less money on the transmission in the future. 

Ordinary liquid or any liquid that is poor in quality can cause trouble in the transmission so the higher quality the liquid, the better. 

Consider Using An External Filter 

We discussed earlier the importance of cleaning the filter of the transmission. However, some people also choose to add an external filter because it can cool the transmission more effectively. 

This is because the original filters that are part of the car are often small and cannot effectively handle all the debris that comes into the car. External filters do not replace the original filter, they just help the filter do a better job. 

The external filter will be able to trap more dirt and the transmission fluid will be cleaner which means your transmission is also cleaner and at less risk of needing constant repairs. 

The fluid also stays cleaner for longer which means you do not have to replace it as often. 

Always Drive Well 

Driving well and practicing safe driving has many benefits. For example, transmission fluid becomes very thick when it’s cold outside. If you do not allow the car to warm up on cold mornings, the liquid will still be stuck at the bottom of the transmission and could cause friction and rubbing as you are driving. 

Always allow the transmission to warm up so that you do not strain it. Always let the car idle until you feel like it has had time to warm up. 

Final Thoughts 

The transmission in your car is a costly part and therefore takes a lot of money to repair and replace. Mobile fleet maintenance is extremely helpful in taking care of your fleet so these costly repairs are avoided. You can ease your worries about needing to repair it by servicing it often and ensuring that the fluid is always clean and full. 

If you think your transmission has a problem, take it to the repair shop right away. 

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