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Late-Night Chills: Streaming the Best Thrillers on Hulu Tonight!


In the labyrinth of film genres, none pose a more perplexing riddle than the distinction between horror and thriller. Yet, the fine line that separates them often leaves movie enthusiasts puzzled. Thrillers, in particular, revel in a triumvirate of motifs: the fugitive in flight, the relentless pursuer, and the enigmatic mystery. They beckon with excitement and intrigue, without plunging into the depths of horror’s frightful manipulation. Some unfurl as dark, twisted odysseys into the human psyche, while others are high-octane rides filled with pulse-pounding action.

If you’re on the hunt for gripping suspense and captivating narratives, look no further. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve sifted through Hulu’s extensive catalog to bring you the cream of the thriller crop. And don’t forget to explore the Disney Bundle, an enticing offer that grants you access to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ for a mere $14 per month. It’s your gateway to a world of thrills and entertainment that transcends boundaries.


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Death on the Nile (Hulu)

Get ready for an actual thriller that is Kenneth Branagh’s second Agatha Christie adaptation, a thrill ride through a haunted house. Here, Branagh takes us on a wild Poirot adventure where he’s not just a quirky detective; he’s a full-blown character with a backstory involving World War I. It’s like finding out your favourite cereal comes with a toy inside!

There’s Linnet “Linny” Ridgeway-Doyle (Gal Gadot), who used to be engaged to Linus Windlesham (Russell Brand) but is now hitched to Simon Doyle (Armie Hammer). And as if that’s not enough drama, Simon’s ex-lover, Jacqueline “Jackie” de Bellefort (Emma Mackey), is hot on their trail. Buckle up for a thrilling Egyptian adventure where bodies start piling up faster than you can say “whodunit.” With Branagh’s signature wit and suspense, “Death on the Nile” promises a suspenseful journey that’s anything but a calm cruise down the river.

Death on the Nile dives headfirst into the dark and murky waters of human depravity. Each suspect is a morally questionable character in their own right, and it’s a bit like watching a parade of villains from a superhero movie. Branagh doesn’t just serve up Poirot with a side of quirkiness; he mixes in some intense moments too.

Coherence (Hulu)

Coherence” is a trippy sci-fi thriller from 2017, directed by James Ward Byrkit. It’s all about Em, played by Emily Baldoni, who encounters some seriously strange stuff after that comet zooms by. She and her boyfriend join friends for dinner, and things get seriously weird. Is it the comet or something else? It’ll make your head spin!

Once upon a night when Miller’s Comet zoomed by, eight pals gathered at Mike and Lee’s house for a fancy dinner. Emily had the jitters about her boyfriend Kevin’s long business trip. Amir brought along Kevin’s ex, Laurie, who was acting all flirty when she shouldn’t. Uh-oh, the lights went poof! But don’t worry, Mike and Lee had candles and glow sticks, like the cool rainbow kind. They gave each friend a blue glow stick and sent them outside, where it was dark except for one house with lights. Back inside, they found a broken glass, but nobody owned up to breaking it. Amir and Hugh, brave souls, decided to borrow the phone from the lit-up house. Hugh’s physicist brother said to call if anything weird happened with the comet.Hugh and Amir came back, but something was off. Hugh had a cut on his forehead, and they brought back a box with a ping-pong paddle and photos of everyone with numbers on them. They peeked through the window of the other house and saw a table set for eight. Wait, that’s like their house but different!

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Identity (Hulu)

Identity is like a rollercoaster ride between what’s real and what’s in someone’s head. The main guy, Malcolm Rivers, is a serial killer with a bunch of different personalities, just like the dude in that movie ‘Split’ by Shyamalan.

This movie called “Identity” is from 2003, and it’s a mix of mystery and mind-bending stuff. It’s kind of based on Agatha Christie’s story, but it goes off in its own crazy direction. There are all these cool characters, and the story is split into two awesome parts. People love it so much it’s become like a secret club movie. Here’s the deal: Right when they’re about to execute the super bad guy, Malcolm Rivers, his doctor is trying to prove he’s crazy. At the same time, ten random folks end up stuck in a motel in the middle of nowhere because of a big rainstorm.

But guess what? People start disappearing one by one, and it’s like a puzzle because each person who gets knocked off has a room key with them. They’re totally cut off from the rest of the world, and it doesn’t take long before they start getting all suspicious of each other.

So, there you have it, a wild ride of a movie called “Identity” where you’ll be guessing and gasping till the end.

Flight (Hulu)

In the year 2012, the visionary behind the beloved “Forrest Gump,” director Robert Zemeckis, embarked on a cinematic endeavor titled “Flight.” This tale of soaring ambition starred the incomparable Denzel Washington alongside Nadine Velazquez and Don Cheadle. At its core was the enigmatic character, Whip Whitaker, brought to life by Washington, a seasoned airline pilot with an intricate duality.

Whip’s life dances on the precipice, deftly navigating the skies as a pilot while wrestling with the weight of alcoholism in his personal realm. This delicate equilibrium is tested when a fateful day unfolds, and a mechanical anomaly propels his aircraft toward a heart-pounding crisis. In an adrenaline-fueled sequence, Whip’s mastery of the skies defies catastrophe, sparing the lives of nearly all on board.

Flight draws inspiration from the real-life plane crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, infusing the story with a potent dose of reality. Although it may not claim the top spot among Washington’s thrilling performances, his portrayal in this film is nothing short of remarkable.

47 Meters Down (Hulu)

In the heart-pounding thriller “47 Metres Down,” we find Lisa (played by Mandy Moore) and Kate (portrayed by Claire Holt) on a sun-soaked vacation in Mexico. Their quest for adventure takes an exhilarating turn when they decide to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime underwater experience. Little do they know that this escapade will plunge them into a harrowing ordeal.

Beneath the azure waves, their protective cage takes an unexpected plunge to the ocean’s depths, stranding them on the ocean floor with a relentless shark circling nearby. As their oxygen supply dwindles, the sisters find themselves in a desperate battle for survival. Alone, frightened, and with time ticking away, they must summon every ounce of courage to navigate the treacherous waters and find a way back to the surface.

But, as is often the case in such heart-racing tales, nothing unfolds as planned. Will they manage to escape the abyss before their precious oxygen runs out? And will the menacing sharks close in on them before they can reach the safety of the surface, where decompression sickness lurks as an added threat?

Both Mandy Moore and Claire Holt deliver standout performances in this thrilling, spine-tingling, and unforgettable underwater adventure. Dive into the depths of “47 Meters Down,” where danger lurks at every turn, and the quest for survival takes center stage.

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