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Top 10 Most Charming Cities to Visit in Italy

When in Italy you will have fun for sure. While you are visiting this so magical and amazing country you will love every day spent there. Beside the super modern cities Italy has a different country side where you can enjoy their charming traditional towns which are perfect hideaway for the lovely weekend trips.

Most of the time this charming cities are really small, but sometimes really rarely they are big cities. No matter if they are big or small cities they are looking fantastic and also promising amazing vacation time there. With their colorful and so different architecture they are just perfect for relaxing and enjoying the perfect weekends. If you are kind a adventurous person who would like to explore the different sides of the countries then this charming cities are amazing choice for you.If you want to explore Italy and their charming cities then this article is perfect pick for you.

1. Burano



In the Venetian lagoon in the northern Italy, there are four islands connected with bridges and one of them is the island Burano. On this small island lays a nice charming small town which has the same name as the island – Burano. This magnificent small town is full with colorful houses and amazing sidewalks by the sea. This lovely tows has a perfect access by boats. When you are in Burano your touristic photos will look alike postcards. This epic charming town is a must visit while you are visiting northern Italy.

2. Alberobello



In the southern Italy, the city of Alberobello is located at the Metropolitan City of Bari. With it’s so different architecture and it’s so uniquely three trulli buildings this small town is recognizable around the world.  This charming city was built back in the 16th century from the local farmers. Nowadays with 11000 inhabitant it welcomes many tourists every year. If you planning to visit this charming small town the average price for a night in the hotels is 80$ .

3. Cinque Terre



Located at the edge of the Italian Riviera coastline the  Cinque Terre is a a combination of a lot colorful seaside villages. This amazing place is named as a UNESCO world heritage since 1997. While in Cinque Terre which is located at the Liguria region you can enjoy the beautiful sea views and the perfect views of the colorful houses which are built right at the cliff. This place looks like a fairy tale city.

4. Positano



Positano is more like a village than a town. This small little charming village is located at the cliff side on southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast. This place is a well knows summer holiday destination which is a favorite for many tourists around the world. The beautiful colorful architecture at this cliff makes this village so special and interesting which brings this small place as one of the Italy’s finest place for vacation.

5. Portofino



The village of Portofino is a fishing village at the Italian Riviera Coastline. The pastel colored architecture makes this small village so special and different compared to every other fishing village around the whole world. At the top of this village there is a 16th century fortress ‘Castello Brown’ which overseas the Ligurian Sea. For the tourists there are so many fine dining waterfront restaurants which offer spectacular views over the beautiful Ligurian Sea. You can enjoy staying at this small charming town with the average prices of 180$ per night.

6. Florence



In Italy not only the small towns are charming, in there even the super huge cities has their own souls and charm and Florence is perfect prove for this. Florence the capital of Tuscany region is actually the birthplace of the Renaissance and a home to a many art pieces which later converted into an internationally known masterpieces. There are many things you can enjoy while you are visiting the birthplace of Dante Alighieri, the river Arno, the Florence Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti and many attractions more.

7. Rome



The beautiful Rome, the Italy’s capital city and the home of the holy city of Vatican. This super huge cosmopolitan city which owns influential art since 3000 years ago is a world wide known city. This city is just so charming so it attracts billions of tourists every year. When in Rome you should visit the Colosseum, the Pantheon, The Trevi Fountain where you will make a wish, Piazza Navona, The St. Peter’s Basilica and many attractions more. When in Rome for sure you will have magnificent memories.

8. Procida



Procida is a town which is located at the Island of Procida which is part of the Flegrean Islands. Just located at the coast of Naples in southern Italy this charming city will melt your heart with it’s beautiful colorful architecture. This summer vacation place is perfect for chilled and peaceful vacation. While you are in Procida you can enjoy the bright colored houses and the small Italian streets. Maybe this could be your destination for this summer holiday.

9. Venice



One of the most charming cities in the whole Earth is of course the beautiful romantic Venice. This magnificent waterfront city is world wide known by the small recognizable boats the gondolas. This place is a perfect charming city which is many time first choice for the couples and many times it is a fist choice for a honeymoon. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets while you are drinking the lovely Italian coffee at the Venetian cafeterias.

10. Como



Lake Como and the same name small city of Como is a first choice vacation place for many celebrity mega stars. This super cool lake is a home to many cities but the most famous is the Italian city Como. The colorful houses and their architecture will melt your heart and would make your photos to look alike postcards. The city of Como owns a lot of waterfront hotels, villas and restaurant so you would feel this magnificent views better. You can enjoy the beautiful lake view and the beautiful sunsets while you walk by the romantic sidewalks.

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