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Top 10 Most Gay Friendly Countries Around The World

An increasing number of countries are relaxing their laws and general attitude towards the LGBT community. Even previously strict countries have become far more tolerant and have their own flourishing gay scene.

However, countries that have only recently become accepting of same-sex couples usually consist of a small area or district that hosts the gay scene. If you wish to travel freely around the country you are visiting, then it is advisable to stick to destinations that are widely tolerant of gay and lesbian travelers.

Gay-friendly countries offer a far wider choice when it comes to activities such as gay nightclubs, theaters, museums, and cultural events. Here is the list of 10 gay-friendly countries in the world worth visiting.

10. The Czech Republic


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Travelers generally speaking have never encountered issues with anyone so to speak. The Prague neighborhood as an example, Vinohrady, is particularly gay and lesbian-friendly. Many recent gay clubs and bars have opened up in the capital for a more personal experience making sure to have a great night without the potential worries at the back of one’s mind. The Czech Republic stays in the 10 leading gay-friendly countries that also legalize same-sex marriage as a post-communist nation.

9. France



Frequently, France has been named on top of the friendliest countries in the world. It holds one of the most famous gay pride events called La Marche Des Fuertes. Some of the gay locals will say that it is good to be gay in Paris because no one really cares that much. Gay people in general never feel like they stand out. Both straight and gay people have a similar style of dressing within the capital, so everyone blends in really without obviously pointing what sex one prefers. And to be honest, it is better this way. No need for big flags, just everyone living in harmony.

8. Australia


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Australia is one of the friendliest LGBT countries in the world as 79% of Aussies agree that homosexuality should be supported in their communities and society. Canberra stays the capital for the gay and lesbian with the utmost respect by the suited and booted. 3.2% to be exact is the number of homosexuals living in Australia, a rather high and promising figure for those wishing to stay safe in a more than accepting environment. 46,800 gay couples have been recorded to live in Australia.

7. Canada


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As per the gay travel index chart, Canada since 2018 has been voted the number one gay-friendly country in the world and the five safest in the world also. Worth noting, there are many protections against discrimination, they recognize same-sex relationships, and same-sex sexual activity has been going since the late 60s. Vancouver especially is considered to be the safest and most gay-friendly city in the country. We can now understand why so many are searching for a new life down this end of the woods.

6. The Netherlands


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The Netherlands has been for some time now, accepting the rights to the LGBT community, making a tolerance pact and legislation. Amsterdam has on numerous occasions been referred to as the friendliest city by publications such as the Independent UK. The country impressively enough is also home to the oldest, in the world, LGBT Organization called the COC Nederland, an organization that has been fighting for LGBTI rights nationally and internationally since 1946. That’s incredible! Worth noting, the Netherlands was the first-ever country in the world to legalize gay marriage. An overall ban on discrimination was set in place in 1994.

5. Spain


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Culturally liberal on the LGBT talk, Spain is very open-minded and has had a significant impact on LGBT Spanish literature, music, cinema, and many other forms of entertainment as well as social issues and politics. Barcelona tops the gayest city of Spain, but watch out for Sitges, the fashion capital Madrid and Ibiza. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2005 and the movie was very popular except the usual and very powerful, Catholic Church. But this is another topic! The pride usually happens in Madrid towards the end of June.

4. England



As we speak, the UK and its LGBT community hold the same right, most of the time to non-LGBT citizens. They provide one of the highest degrees of liberty in this world of being homosexual and one of the safest places although it had fallen slightly behind. Nonetheless, the LGBT are highly accepted pretty much everywhere you go and do not have to stick to gay-friendly bars and nightclubs as once again very rarely do one get bothered by the other. Unofficially but according to most sources, Brighton seems to be the gay capital of England and pride is the largest in the country, and attracting around 160,000 people each year.

3. Germany


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The age consent for being gay in Germany is at the age of 14 years old. One of the youngest in the world. It also has a lot of LGBT associations and communities dotted around the entire country. Berlin has lost brownie points for the safety of the gay community, but more are fighting back and reducing slowly, but surely the hate crimes against the LGBT community. In 2001 registered partnerships were legalized, however, and now gay couples have given or taken the same rights as non-heterosexuals. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2017.

2. Sweden



Anti-discrimination and same-sex marriage are all part of the countries efforts to normalize and accept the LGBT community within its parameters. It is one of the most tolerant countries in Europe for same-sex partnerships. Sweden is considered by many tourists and travelers, to be the most visited country by the LGBT community and one of the safest. Worth noting that Sweden has the most pride festivals per capita than any other country, and in Stockholm Pride is where the biggest event is held. Around 50,000 people meet up for the occasion during the last week of July beginning of August.

1. The USA



Topping the US LGBT Travel Index as the best state for gay travelers is hotspot California. It is to very little surprise as the state is considered one of the most progressive and LGBT travel havens such as San Francisco. Washington State and Minnesota came in second and third. In the US they are really pushing the button and passing many anti-discriminatory acts and the right to marry. Still as an LGBT member, as long as you are not flaunting the fact that you are gay and pride in the faces of the public, directly, then you should not encounter any issues. This is the same problem with religion and so many others. When people keep to themselves and respect the other, then the US stays a reasonably safe place for the community.

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