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New York And Chocolate – A Love Story

New York may get its nickname from a fruit, but this city has had a long-standing love affair with an entirely different treat: chocolate. When you embark to explore the culinary wonders that New York has to offer, chocolate must be on your list.

This article will explore the interesting connection between the Big Apple and everyone’s favorite sweet. Better yet, we’ll give you a list of some of the finest chocolate shops in the city.


The History Of Chocolate In New York

When chocolate started arriving to North America, it didn’t take long before it won the hearts and taste buds of everyone. It was no different in New York. From the mid-19th century to this day, the city became a genuine chocolate hub. Let us take you to the journey of chocolate in New York.

The Golden Years

Chocolate grew in popularity on the East Coast all throughout the early 19th century. As a result, around 1850, New York saw numerous big manufacturers set up shop in the city. If you’re wondering how fast the manufacturing developed, suffice to say that by the 1890s, New York customers could find almost every chocolate brand on their local market.

it’s no surprise that the last 50 years of the 19th century are sometimes referred to as the golden age of chocolate in the city. Once the 1900s rolled in, New York was ready to get in full swing for a bona fide chocolate industrial revolution.

New York Chocolate Industry Era

Most of the initial New York manufacturers were concentrated around Tribeca, SoHo, Lower East Side and East River, creating a chocolate factory cluster. As the chocolate boom continued into the 20th century, more factories started to spring around the city.

Following a similar pattern to the originals, these newcomers to the scene also formed clusters, and, by 1915, New York had an expansive chocolate industry that included fine products. Furthermore, chocolate was becoming common in most of the city’s households. The good times lasted for about a decade and a half after that point, but then the situation started to change.

The Ups And Downs Of The 20th Century

By the 1930s, chocolate was growing more popular across the U.S., but New York began to see a decline in production. The reason wasn’t the lack of demand. Instead, much of the city’s industry started moving towards New Jersey.

Combined with the Great Depression, this migration meant that, unfortunately, the Big Apple would have to wait for quite a while before the chocolate industry would move back into the city. In fact, it would be more than five decades later before manufacturing experienced a rebirth in New York.

Although New York never returned to its status as an absolute chocolate hotspot, the city welcomed the revival with open arms. Today, this complicated history continues in new directions, while chocolate keeps its well-earned place in select New York shops.

We’ll now look at the most prominent chocolate places in the city.

The Best Chocolate Shops In New York


Aigner is one of New York’s veteran chocolate companies with beginnings in the 1930s. The business survived the turmoils of the mid to late-20th century and is currently operating from Forest Hills. Some of the manufacturer’s confection is still produced using vintage equipment.

Harlem Chocolate Factory

With Harlem Chocolate Factory treats, you get the perfect mix of the sweet delight and Harlem’s history. The manufacturer specializes in premium chocolates named after renowned locations in Harlem like Across 110th Street, Bodega Dreams, and First Nite on Lenox.

The Chocolate Room

Not a manufacturer but a sweet cafe, The Chocolate Room is a cozy, specialized shop with a great taste in chocolate. Whether it’s in the form of treats or a whole cake, this Brooklyn-based shop is an oasis of the finest chocolate sweets around.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

If you’re looking for a high-class manufacturer, Jacques Torres Chocolate is an ideal choice. With this brand, you’ll find exciting combinations like spiced chocolate, espresso beans with a chocolate topping, and graham crackers with a chocolate twist.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate

The brain child of Michelin-starred chefs, Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate has an unrelenting focus on top quality. In fact, the founder of the was an executive chef at a restaurant in New York’s very own MoMA. If that’s not enough of a stamp of quality, trying their products will be more than convincing. Bear in mind that this tore deals primarily in online orders.

Experience The Best Chocolate New York Has To Offer

The joy, excitement, and fantastic taste of chocolate is tied to New York City almost as much as any of the Big Apple boroughs. Today, you can taste the world’s finest brands in the very place that launched the chocolate industrial revolution. And once you try the best chocolate from New York, few kinds will be able to measure up.

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