Wooden pallets are incredibly versatile. There is nothing that you can’t make out of them. Pallets can be reconfigured in numerous different ways, depending on what you want to build. You can turn them into unique pieces of furniture such as – tables, beds, bed frame, walls, sofas and many more.

Large sofas are beautiful but they can be very pricey. If you are looking for a cheaper option pallet furniture might be your best bet. Depending on the finishing touches you can create a pallet sofa to suit your apartment and your own functional need. Check out the following ten pallet sofa designs for inspiration.

Industrial Style

TOP 10 Pallet Corner Sofa Designsvia seaseight.blogspot.com

Any pallet furniture look great in a rustic, industrial environment. The quilted mattress combined with the rustic wooden elegance adds luxurious comfort to your pallet sofa. The small coffee table with wheels and glass top is a fantastic piece also, built with wooden pallets of course.

Chic Leather

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Although this is example is a patio furniture it will be a perfect indoor corner sofa as well. The large brown, artificial leather cushions combined with beige and blue pillow give a chic look. The pallet can be painted or stained simply according to your preferred design.

Vintage White

TOP 10 Pallet Corner Sofa Designsvia seesawdesigns.blogspot.com

Build a white corner sofa to create a Scandinavian design in your home. This modern and minimalist style sofa creates a clean and bright atmosphere. The added wheels on the frame provide more flexibility in décor and also will make your life easier when it comes to cleaning.

Simple and Cozy

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This is a simple project that can be done easily over a weekend. The bottom part can be used as a storage just like here on the photo. If not satisfied the rustic wooden appearance you can paint it or get the pallet white washed with water base chalk solution.

Sectional Sofa

TOP 10 Pallet Corner Sofa Designsvia www.101palletideas.com 

Build a beautiful sectional sofa instead of buying the costly designer ones. The whole pallet cushioned seats will maximize your space – the bottoms are storage-friendly and they can function as a guest bed when you have friends or family staying over.

Built-In Side Table

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The best thing about building your own furniture is that you will get exactly what you are looking for. You can change the layout, the size, the design to get the perfect match to your needs. This cozy sofa even has a built-in side table. Add one more sitting compartment to get an ‘L’ shaped sofa.

Vintage Inspired Sofa

TOP 10 Pallet Corner Sofa Designsvia www.101palletideas.com

Wooden walls, wooden ceiling and a beautiful wooden sofa. To get a similar effect build your own pallet sofa, stain the wood or just use conditioner. Add lots of pillows and cushions in pastel colors and create a cozy atmosphere with warm thick blankets.

U-Shaped Sofa

TOP 10 Pallet Corner Sofa Designsvia www.101palletideas.com

One of our favorite is this shabby and chic U-shaped pallet sofa. The white paint gives rustic look and the neutral colors are brightened up by the colorful pillows. Flower patterns or stripey ones you can go for bold and bright shades as well.

Modular Sectional Corner Lounge

TOP 10 Pallet Corner Sofa Designsvia www.shanty-2-chic.com

You can build this beautiful sectional sofa using wood from wooden pallets. Depending on the layout of your apartment you can set up these pieces the way you want. The deep blue cushions would also look great with painted white base for a nautical home design.

Kids Bed or Corner Sofa

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Pallet beds are so versatile! Build them for the kids now and later you can turn the beds into patio furniture. The added wheel will make it easier to shift it from one place to another. Covered with white cushions and decorated with throw pillows it will be a pretty corner sofa.