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Top 10 Tips for Pantry Organization and Storage

If there’s anything we tend to slack off on, it’s pantry organization. After we’ve bought all the food and ingredients we need for our meals, we end up placing them wherever we find a convenient place, whether it’s within our reach, pushing the rest of the things in the pantry further back. And then when we need the things we’ve pushed way back, we find it difficult to get to them or even find them. Would you agree it’s high time we put a stop to all this mess?

If so, we need to make some changes. Chaos breeds chaos, and that’s the last thing we want in our household. What you can do to make it disappear is to take everything out of the pantry and organize them in some way. Well, in what ways, you ask?

Below there are 10 ways you can organize the food and ingredients in your pantry. This way you’ll always know exactly where you’ve put them and you’ll even have more storage. Not to mention your pantry will no longer look cluttered and you’ll be ready to cross another good habit off your list.

Do you need more convincing to check the following ideas out? If not, let’s get started.

Keep everything visible

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One way to make sure you keep tabs on the things you have in your pantry is to keep them visible. Organize them in a way you’ll be able to see them. This idea lets you know exactly how to achieve that, taking you step by step.

Use a door spice rack


When we live in a big household, we usually run out of storage room pretty quickly. However, thank God for DIY tutorials. This one will teach you how to install a spice rack to your pantry door. The rack with the spices won’t make the door significantly more difficult to open and you’ll have plenty of space in your pantry for your other, more space-occupying things.

Use sliding cabinets


Some of the things that take up the most space in our pantry are almost always cans and jars. And there’s so many of them that we want to keep them all in one place, away from the rest of the food. A brilliant way to achieve this is to build a sliding cabinet that will hold all of your canned goods organized.

Use under shelf baskets for storage

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You already have an organized pantry, but you’re missing an extra shelf for your things? This idea suggests simply attaching a basket under one of your shelves to provide more storage room. There, problem solved!

Label everything

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We all knew this was coming – labeling. Another great way you can get rid of the clutter in your pantry is to organize its contents in separate boxes and label them accordingly. While the task can get a bit time-consuming, depending on how many things you have, it will be all worth it in the end when you’ll no longer have to spend minutes looking through your pantry.

Use up corner space with Lazy Susans


Yet another genius way to declutter your pantry and create more storage room. This DIY shows you how to make these round spinning carousels that have great capacity and create more space. Bye, bye, chaos.

Use clear containers to keep track of supplies

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What’s not so great about storing dry granulated food or pasta inside the packets until we run out of it is that we may accidentally tear the packets and create even more chaos than we’re already dealing with. On the other hand, storing the food inside food containers not only ensures its freshness but also ensures the problem we’ve just mentioned never makes its appearance. And who would say no to that?

Have a board for grocery lists


Have you heard a family member come up with this excuse – ‘Oh, but you didn’t tell me we were out of milk.’? Well, thanks to this chalkboard, you’ll no longer have to – everything will be there for them to see. Yes, you can start devil-laughing now.

Have a ladder to reach high shelves

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Just like you need ladders for your ridiculously-difficult-to-reach-books, you need one for your pantry as well if you stumble upon the same situation. Simply take out your ladder and use it before you rely on someone taller to reach for the flour.

Divide your pantry into zones

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Finally, a no-brainer, and yet, amazing way you can get rid of the mess in your pantry is to divide it into zones. Since it’s pretty self-explanatory, we’re just going to let you read the instructions from this link and work your no-stress and no-clutter magic.

That’s it for today’s article, our aspiring organizers. We hope you’ve found it helpful and that you’ll apply some of the ideas and DIYs from this list. If so, let us know what you’d done in the comment section below.

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