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Top 10 Clever Pregnancy Announcement Photograph Ideas

You have just received the best early gift in the whole world: you found out that you are pregnant. There isn’t a happier announcement in the whole world than telling your loved ones that you will soon get a new family member.

Pregnancy announcements have really become a trend lately, especially in the Covid times when you don’t get to meet the people you love. What is the best way to announce you’re expecting, then to send out a photo through social media or emails?

All you have to do is take some photos and turn them into customized pregnancy cards. They can be fun, informative, and still the best thing to remember when you’re going to tell your kids what you did while they were in your belly.

If you are having a problem figuring out what picture to take, donโ€™t worry. Here we give you the top 10 fun photographic pregnancy announcement that will bring smiles and cheers to everyone who sees them.

No Longer An Only Child


Now that your family is growing, it’s time to include your oldest child in the things around your new-coming baby. The best way to start is to include them in the pregnancy announcement photo. Simply put them in the photo next to an expiry date sign. Make sure you take the picture before they realize what the sign says.

Sister or Brother or Another


Is it one or two? Or is it three? Well, it doesn’t matter as long as it is alive and kicking. And if you already have a kid, this addition to the family will make it even merrier. Don’t forget to put the due date on the pregnancy announcement photo so that you tell everything that you need to tell the ones you love and care about. And enjoy your pregnancy.

Shoes For Our New Baby


For Facebook or traditional snail mail, here’s a very cute and innovative pregnancy announcement concept. An image of the new mom and dad-to-be feet next to a pair of tiny baby shoes. But, if you have a loving pet as well, make sure it’s in the frame, right next to you and those little shoes.

Baby Daddy


Ever thought you were going to be announcing a new coming baby like this? Well. the time has come for you to be a daddy, and what’s the best way to break the news to everybody instead of having a photoshoot. Simply let your lady tell them, and you mock her of being knocked up. Cool, right?

Who Knew IPads Could Do This?


Does a hamburger grow into your belly? Or is it a baby? Nah, the baby is in my wife’s belly, and I’m a hamburger lover. This is what a hamburger lover should have in their pregnancy announcement. And think about what an iPad can do for you in this situation. Cheesy, right?

One Plus One Equals Three (And More)


Are you good at math? Well, you shouldn’t be when it comes to baby announcements. In pregnancies, 1+1 always equals three or more. Use these math skills for the best pregnancy announcement to your friends and family in times of Corona. It will brighten up their day.

New Partner in Crime


Your joy package is going to be your newest little criminal buddy! By staging a “mug shot” photoshoot, share the big news! “After the little one is born, you can even take it a step further by sitting next to a sign that says “I just did it inside for nine months! โ€

Bump Ahead


Bump ahead. Not on the road, silly! In my belly. This is just what this picture says. It is a lovely way to announce pregnancy news for couples that enjoy traveling and bumpy roads. Make sure you choose the right outfit and the correct background for the photoshoot. And leave everything else to the photographer and his great sense of art. It will be a marvelous memory.

12 Months Vs 12 Weeks


For me, photo sessions that reveal something as exciting as a baby are so much fun! We love the thinking that goes into a session like this, and imagination. Plus, how cute the facial expressions of a little one in such a session can be! Who wouldn’t have fun taking pictures of it!

Expected To Pop


Popping up, aye? Well. not only balloons can pop. You can pop your new baby too. It is the biggest joy and happiness a man can experience in a lifetime. It is what makes your life meaningful forever. And if you want to express it in a photo, make sure you use the correct balloon colors and the right photographer to keep you and your hubby happy and cool for the best photoshoot of your life.

These were the ideas we selected for you. Now that you’ve seen them, get creative and start planning your pregnancy announcement photoshoot. And don’t forget to share it with us in the comments below.

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