These tiny birds have a lot of flavor for their size and suit both quick or slow cooking. One quail would make a generous starter or light supper for one person, so serve at least two per person for a generous main course. There is a variety of ways to cook and prepare quails, but the most common is the roasted quail. The positive thing in cooking a quail is that you can experiment with lots of garnishes and herbs, giving it a tasty and juicy flavor. These are our top choices for quail recipes that would make an enjoyable lunch or dinner. Will you be giving these recipes a try?

Roasted Quail

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Rainier Cherry & Maple Glazed Bandera Quail

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Portuguese Quail

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Hot Fried Quail

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Asian Grilled Quail

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Braised Quail on Fennel and Carrot Salad Nest

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BBQ Quail Skewers Wrapped in Pancetta

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Pan Cooked Vietnamese Quail

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Grilled Honey-Lacquered Quail

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Shiraz Glazed Quails

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