Scandinavian design is known for its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. When it comes to Scandinavian Christmas decoration, we can create a calm and peaceful home if we stick to these principles. The typical style of Scandinavian decor involves a mix of white, silver, gold and red colours, Nordic threads, evergreen branches, pine cones, green wreaths and rustic and vintage tones.

We have selected ten wonderfully simple decoration ideas that will lighten up your home this Christmas.

1. DIY Christmas Garland


You can also prepare this beautiful garland by using straw and wooden beads to create a beautiful simple and natural effect. It is traditionally made of straw and hung from the ceiling in Finland and the great thing about it that you can also keep it around the house once Christmas is over.

2. Christmas Table Runner


The Scandinavian Christmas table is simple and elegant. To have a similar table this festive season, use plain dinner dishes, red and white table linen and keep the decorations simple. Large rustic candles, some evergreen and a mix of white and red colours will create a clear and peaceful look.

3. DIY Recycled Paper Stars


Paper and recycled materials are great way to create a simple and natural decor. This one is also a great weekend project with the kids. The star is made up of of 8 paper squares. Make plenty of stars that will be enough to cover an entire wall or hang them on the staircase.

4. Rustic Centerpiece


Scandinavian decor is always defined by nature. Make sure to use greenery, candle light and handmade crafts just like this adorable centerpiece on the photo. You can cut some branch tips off your Christmas tree or use rosemary branches for this decoration.

5. The Christmas Tree


The focal point of the house during Christmas is definitely the Christmas tree. If you would like to have a Scandinavian theme this year, decorate it with simple wooden or hand made toys, using mainly white, silver and red colours. For the tree skirting you can use a sheepskin but remember to keep it simple.

6. Red and White Cushions, Blankets


Scandinavian style is characterized by Nordic threads and a wonderful simple style of decoration. Buy a couple of thick and fluffy blankets, knitted cushions in white, red and grey colors to decorate otherwise empty sofas.

7. Christmas Wreath



Christmas wreath is another decoration that every home needs. Whether you hang it on the entrance door or you put it inside of the house it will be a festive decoration. It is really simple to make, just collect some greenery on your walk or buy straw wheat in the craft store. Click on the link to see how to make a wreath out of wheat.

8. Rosemary Wreath Place Cards


To make a different place card design this year, buy a bunch of rosemary branches. With a thin florist wire crete mini wreaths and put a cute red bow on it. They will look really pretty and natural on the dinner table, not to mention the scent of the herb.

9. Hanging Branch


The main features of Scandinavian Christmas decor are evergreen branches or just plain wooden branches and of course reindeer. It really looks beautiful hanging them from the ceiling above the dinner table. Put some nice handmade ornaments on it decorated with ribbons.

10. White and Silver Colors


With lots of whites and silver you can create pure and clean decor that will look beautiful in any homes. Try to combine it with more wood or play with Christmas tree branches, placing into a big vase. Combined with large candles you can bring beautiful warm lights into your home.