The septum piercing is a way to show your rebel side and to add edge to your look, show your independence and free spirit. The septum is the cartilage that divides your nostrils, but the thing that is getting pierced is actually the tissue underneath.

You may connect the septum piercing with the bull nose ring, but truth be told, it looks so much better on humans. It is amazing and leaves you so much space to experiment with the jewelry, and that is the main thing that this piercing can be worn from almost every style group. This days the piercing increased as a trend especially with the beauty gurus all over youtube and instagram. The good thing is that it isn’t permanent because the holes can heal and close, and yet the best thing is that it can be easily hidden from the people that you don’t want to see it. Overall if you are not sure about it and you want to see just how it suits you, then continue reading the text below and you will find the alternative option that requires no commitment at all. Enjoy this article and don’t forget to tell us whether you like this new trend or not.

1. It Doesn’t Leave Scar



When you decide to remove the piercing the great thing is that the scar is not visible at all, because of its location, hidden in the nostrils.

2. The Pain is Medium



Since it is clear that every piercing hurts, because it goes through the skin, breaking it, you have to be prepared that this one will hurt as well. Some of the piercers say that it shouldn’t hurt very much if it is done properly. Before you decide to go under the needle make sure that you go to a professional piercer that has experience with piercing and knows what he is doing.

3. Get The Right Size



This time size really does matter! It all depends on your face size and the space between your nose and upper lips. If your lips are closer to your nose, we recommend you to choose the smallest ring. If you have a bigger space between them, you can go for a bigger ring.

4. Many Celebrities love Septum Piercing



You can see how Rihanna proudly wears her small thorn septum ring. It is a great facial accessory and can draw attention to your face, which is a good thing if you want to be in the center of attention.



Lady Gaga also loves to wear her septum rings, and she has worn many different shapes and colors. It this picture she is wearing a ring that looks like two eyes, which is really cute.



Jessica Biel has chosen more subtle ring compared with the two ladies above. It is a simple round ring with nothing more on it, and it looks so elegant on her.

5. Most Popular One – Tribal Septum Ring



Some of them call it Tibetan, but you can also find it as a Tribal ring, is the one that we have been seeing lately the most! Everyone is obsessed with this piercing, and the colors they choose are usually silver and gold.

6. Alternative Option – Faux Septum Rings



If you want to get a piercing, but without commitment, then this is the best alternative option. Look for the faux ring that suits you the most. With a single movement you can adjust your septum piercing on the spot, and you will be ready to go.

7. DIY Version of The Fake Septum Rings



If you are a DIY person and prefer to make the things all by your own, here is a project for you. Make your own faux septum ring, and you can really experiment with the styles and the shapes of it!

8. Removal



The great thing about this piercing is if you get sick of wearing it you can choose to remove it when ever you want. The hole will close, but the longer you had it the longer it will take.

9. Healing Process and Time



The healing process depends from person to person, but it usually takes from 4 up to 8 weeks or more. The pain generally goes away after 3 weeks. During the healing process you shouldn’t change the septum ring. You should wash it twice a day with salty water.

10. Looks Good on Both – Man and Women



It looks cool on women, as well as on men, and it really shows your dangerous side. If you like this look, you can pull it out no matter what is your style. Look at it with an open mind and you will see that it doesn’t look bad at all!