When you want to get ready for the first date, there are some ground rules that you have to follow. The first impression is the most important for everything, and if you want to look good in the eyes of your date, then it is very simple – just follow our 10 basic tips, and you sure won’t go wrong. The most of the people get nervous when they are going on the first date, don’t know what to talk about, what to wear or how to put their makeup. So, if you don’t want to make that mistake, just read and use in practice this helpful advices and tips that will make your first date blossom and give positive results! Relax yourself and enjoy the company!

Natural Makeup Look


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The most important thing is to leave positive impression, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be someone one else. Rather than that, you need to be yourself. That means that you shouldn’t put too much makeup, and cover your face. Let your natural beauty speak for itself, use minimum makeup and maximum charm!

Eye Makeup Tutorial


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Here is one simple makeup tutorial that can emphasize your eyes without using too much makeup. You can use false lashes by your choice, but they should be minimal size and look natural on you.

Nude and Neutral Lip Colors


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When it comes to the lip shade, red is the color that you shouldn’t think of at all. Choose some neutral shade that matches your skin tone the most, or just use lip gloss. It makes your look softer and natural.

Lace Underwear to Boost Your Confidence


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You should have maximum confidence on your first date, and you should know that the way you feel inside for yourself is the exactly same way others look at you, because you subconsciously send them that signs. So, to feel more sexy and confident put some underwear that looks good on you and makes you feel attractive and sexy. But, remember – the underwear is just for you, your date shouldn’t see it on the first date!

For Day Time: Denim and Simple Shirt


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The clothes you will wear depend on the place that you are going. If you go to casual lunch or at the park, you can wear some flats with denim, simple white or pastel shirt that makes your body shape stand out, but doesn’t shows any skin.

For Night Time: Little Black Dress


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If the date is at night, for the club version or romantic dinner you can wear a little black classic dress, that should be elegant and shouldn’t reveal too much, because that way you can leave the wrong impression for yourself. Choose the piece that flatters you but doesn’t shows everything. Leave that part to his imagination.

Moisturize for Silk Touch


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Don’t forget to moisture your skin, especially your hands, because the boys just love silk touch! If it comes to touching your hand (accidentally or purposely) you will definitely leave him breathless! Plus, it helps to hold the perfume longer to your skin.

Don’t Forget The Perfume!


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“A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed.” ― Coco Chanel.
“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”― C. JoyBell C.
We think that this quotes say enough about the importance of perfume. Follow the instructions of the picture above to apply perfume to all the right spots.

Get Your Purse Ready


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We guess that you now that you can’t go on a date without your purse. There are some things that have to be there with you:
– mobile phone (in case something turns bad and you have to contact somebody)
– wallet (because you shouldn’t expect of him to pay the bill)
– hair brush
-compact powder
– lipglos
– little mirror
– deodorant and perfume

Think Positively


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It is a very good idea to meditate before your date. It is a great way to fill yourself with positivity and good energy. But, if you are not that kind of in meditation, you can just sit, relax and think of that how you like the date to turn out. Of course, it should sound good at the end. And the most important thing you should know, that you shouldn’t be late more than 5 to 10 minutes!