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Top 10 Super Simple Refrigerator Pickles

If you have childhood memories of how your grandmother was canning all kinds of delicious pickles and jams on late summer afternoons you probably think that it is a lot of work. Canning is not difficult at all it is just time consuming.

There is a simple and fast way if you don’t fancy canning the old fashioned way. Try making refrigerator pickles! It is so simple and quick. You will need veggies, vinegar, water, spices and some mason jars. That’s about it. They should last a long while if kept refrigerated in airtight jars.

Once you try your own pickles you will not want to buy the canned ones from the supermarket. Homemade pickles taste amazing! Bite into a perfectly crisp cucumber with the deliciously tangy flavor and say that you are not in heaven. Put it in your sandwiches, serve it with BBQ meat or add to your salads. Either ways, you’ll find yourself with empty mason jars, checking more and more pickle recipes!

1. Dill Pickles


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Dill pickles are probably the most popular of all and they are common pregnancy cravings too. We all just love these crunchy little cucumbers, munching them away on their own or sliced up in sandwiches. You will have to wait 10 days before opening your jars. That’s gonna be the hardest part.

2. Bread and Butter Pickles


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Who can resist to the sweet and tangy classic Bread & Butter Pickles. It is so simple to make it. You just have to prepare the pickling liquid (sugar, water, mustard seeds) bring it to a boil and poor it over the thinly sliced the small pickling cucumbers and onions. Refrigerate for 24 hours and enjoy!

3. Pickled Jalapenos


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Use your homemade pickled jalapenos next time you make tacos or nachos! It has no preservatives and so much tastier than the ready made ones. Jalapenos, garlic, vinegar, water, sugar and salt and a jar is all you need to prepare this recipe.

4. Pickled Cauliflower – Giardiniera


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Giardiniera is an Italian term for pickled foods. In Italy the pickled veggies are eaten as an antipasto or with salads. Pickled cauliflower stays perfectly crunchy and the jalapeno peppers give spiciness to this recipe. Add it to your pasta or Bloody Mary for a special zing!

5. Pickled Garlic


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Pickled garlic might not sound something you would like to bite on but they are seriously tasty and loose their strong garlicky taste after pickling them. It is very quick to make this recipe, the peeling of the garlic cloves will slow down the process.

6. Pickled Peppers


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Delicious pickled peppers are great with BBQ meat, with salads or pasta. You can use any peppers you like. To make it even more tasty try the grilled version of this recipe. Simply roast and peel the peppers before putting them in the jars.

7. Pickled Green Beans


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These piquant, crunchy green beans are perfect as a side, a garnish, or sandwich topper but also great low calory, healthy munchies. You don’t need to use sugar, only vinegar, salt, peppercorns, garlic and fresh green beans.

8. Pickled Mushrooms


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Cook the mushrooms, prepare the brine – mixing salt, sugar, bay leaves and peppercorns, vinegar in a pot – and bring it to a boil. Fill the jars with the cooked button mushrooms and ladle the marinade on them. You can eat it as an antipasto with some nice olives or chop it into small cubes, add some olive oil, oregano and lemon juice and serve it with toasted bread, just like a bruschetta.

9. Pickled Cherry Tomatoes


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These juicy pickled cherry tomatoes can be chopped into a relish, added to pastas or cut half and mix it with greens for your salad. Try this Thai style recipe will need to marinate overnight and it is great with rice dishes also!

10. Pickled Red Grapes

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Who said only veggies can be pickled? Pickled grapes, plums or apricots are going to be a real treat on your dinner table. Great combo with cheese or grilled chicken and any roast duck dishes.

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