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Top 10 Breathtaking Smokey Eyes Tutorials

They say that the eyes are mirrors to the soul, so make sure your mirror looks the best!

Smokey eye makeup is one of the best ways to make your eyes pop so everyone can notice them. Don’t hesitate about making your eyes a little more pointed out, if you do your makeup right, there is nothing that can stop your seductive glance. And to make it easier for you, here we found 10¬†amazing tutorials for smokey eyes that you can follow easily.

It is up to you what color will you use, brown, black, blue, grey, violet, whatever you choose you won’t go wrong!

So check out these interesting tutorials, and learn how to get that amazing glamorous, and yet sophisticated look for your eyes. Look irresistible and leave others breathless.

Tell us what you think about these tutorials, and about your experience with the smokey eyes makeup!

Sultry Smokey Eyes


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To create this sultry smokey eye makeup look, you will need to pair a few eyeshadows together. Start first with a light brown shade and apply it on the entire eyelid, as well as the lower lash line. Next, add amber eyeshadow to your inner and middle eyelid. Blend well to create a smooth and natural look before applying the black. It’s time to create the smokey look by adding a black eyeshadow to your outer corner and carefully blend towards the middle eye crease. The same applies to the lower lash line and finish with black mascara.

Navy Blue Smokey Eyes


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This lovely spring look is great for both daytime and evening outings. Although you will need to add shimmery effect and blue shadow, still brings a soft, warm, and cute look to your eyes. Use ivory-colored eyeshadow as your base and start creating a smokey look by using a black shadow as eyeliner. Now, using a blending brush, apply bright blue eyeshadow and smudge the black line concentrating on the outer corner and upper lid. Add the shimmery shadow on the inner corner of your eyes, and finish with black eyeliner and few coats of mascara.

Halo Smokey Eyes


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Create this halo festive look by using three different eyeshadows. Step one, prep your eye and apply beige shadow to the entire eyelid. Second, use a grey eyeshadow and apply it on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, leaving the center with the light base. Using your third shadow, the light brown, on the crease of the lid. Repeat the same on the lower lash line and add tan eyeliner to the waterline. Finish this look with black eyeliner and false fashes or coats of mascara.

Golden Smokey Eyes


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This is a rather different way of creating a smokey eye look. Not as the classic way using black or darker eyeshadow shade, achieve this look by using golden and neutral brown shadows. Definitely, something that can be worn day and night time too. Begin by applying chocolate brown pencil to the upper lash line and white pencil to the lower waterline. Then, across the lower third of the lid and the lower lash line, apply dark brown shadow, and light brown across the crease. Finish by applying golden shimmery shadow to the center of your eyelid and black mascara.

Party Perfect Smokey Eyes


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Achieve this dramatic look in few steps. Prep your eye first by applying neutral base shadow. Then draw a triangle shape to your outer corner with black eyeshadow. Blend the black carefully across the lower half of the lid as well as the lower lash line. To break the contrast, using a thin brush, apply a shimmery gold shadow on the lower lash line (making it look like an eyeliner). Highlight the inner corner of our eyelid with the light shimmery shadow and finish with black eyeliner and mascara.

Violet Smokey Eyes


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What a gorgeous cute look created with shimmering mineral powders! First, you need a beige eyeshadow as your base. Then apply maroon mineral powder to your outer corner and your crease area. Then, deepen the tones by using purple mineral powder to your eyelid and lower lash line. Blend well! Make your eyes pop by adding light shimmery shadow to the inner corner and it is time to create the smokey look. Use black eyeliner and create a winged upper line, and black pencil for the lower lash line. Few coats of mascara and you are all done!

Dramatic Bronze Smokey Eyes


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This tutorial starts with eyeliner first. Apply as close to your lash lines, to both upper and lower lines. Then smudge it gently with a blending brush. Add a pop of color. Use dark bronze eyeshadow to the entire eyelid and the lower lash line too. Blend them well, taking it all across the crease area. For your inner corner use a light shimmery shadow; then enhance the waterline with a black pencil. Finish with few coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Peachy Smokey Eyes


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Peach is a shade that is a fresh take to the neutral look, with its warm flattering color. Another look that can fit day and night time too. First, apply light peach shadow to your eyelid. Then darken the crease area with a medium warm peach. After, use a darker brown shadow around and down to the lower lash line as well. Add shimmery-sparkle effect by using gold shadow over the lid, and highlighter under the brow and the inner corner too. Do not forget the mascara!

Smokey Cranberry Makeup


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This tutorial might not be as easy as the previous ones, however, the results are mesmerizing. The use of earthy, brown, and cranberry tones gives a glamorous look to your smokey eyes. With a help of scotch tape, define the line where your eyeshadow and eyeliner will finish, adding a winged cat-eye look. Prep the eye with a beige shadow and start by adding the purple tone on the entire eyelid. Create the smokey style, by adding dark brown to the outer corner and lower lash line; blending them well. Use black eyeshadow to mimic an eyeliner line and finish it by adding coats of mascara.

Deep Purple Smokey Eyes


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This deep purple look is best for evening occasions and festive events. Use medium brown shadow first, to define the crease area. Follow the same line with a medium purple shadow and enhance the outer corner too. Then apply light purple shadow to your entire eyelid and lower lash line. For this dramatic and deep look, apply dark shimmery purple focusing on the outer corners of both upper and lower lines. Ending the makeup with black pencil on the lower waterline and black mascara.

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