Top 10 Breathtaking Smokey Eyes Tutorials

They say that the eyes are mirrors to the soul, so make sure your mirror looks the best!
Smokey eyes makeup is one of the best ways to make your eyes pop so everyone can notice them. Don’t hesitate about making your eyes a little more pointed out, if you do your makeup right, there is nothing that can stop your seductive glance. And to make it easier for you, here we found 10 amazing tutorials for smokey eyes that you can follow easy.
It is up to you what color will you use, brown, black, blue, grey, violet, what ever you choose you wont go wrong!
So check out this interesting tutorials, and learn how to get that amazing glamorous and yet sophisticated look for your eyes. Look irresistible and leave others breathless.
Tell us what you think about this tutorials, and about your experience with the smokey eyes makeup!

Sultry Smokey Eyes

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_01Tutorial via

Black Smokey Eyes

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_02Tutorial via

Everyday Neutral Smokey Eyes

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_03Tutorial via

Romantic Smokey Eyes

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_04Tutorial via

Simple Smokey Eyes

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_05Tutorial via

Brown Smokey Eyes

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_06Tutorial via

Dramatic Smokey Eyes

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_07Tutorial via

Visually Bigger Eyes Makeup

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_08Tutorial via

Galaxy Star Makeup

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_09Tutorial via

Smokey Cat Eye

breathtaking-smokey-eyes-tutorials_10Tutorial via

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